5 Things We Learned About Social Media In 2014

The best part about social media is that the more you try hands on new things, better you get to learn. As a whole, all your mistakes, failures and successes are going to help you in discovering new facts regarding social media marketing. We managed to try out several new strategies throughout 2014. Here is a quick guide about the best social media practices we learned in 2014.

1. Showing your content in Facebook News Feed

Out of all the available stories, Facebook takes the privilege of sidelining some popular posts from your friends and liked pages. These posts are selected based upon some predefined algorithm.

facebook news feed

Here are the traits from Facebook News Feed algorithm based upon the visibility of posts are decided:

  • Posts with lots of likes and comments
  • Posts associated with trending topic
  • Posts that receive good response in a short interval
  • Posts with tags for other pages
  • Posts liked by mutual friends
  • Posts from accounts and pages with which the interaction has been high

2. Upload the pictures of ideal size

When uploading pictures over Twitter and Facebook, one hardly considers the image size as most of the images get adjusted on their own while cropping some elements here and there. However, after much trial, we have finally found a single image size that goes well with both the platforms. For Twitter, the images with 2:1 ratio manage to fit perfectly over the timeline. In case of Facebook, the ideal size is 1,200 by 630 pixels with some room for flexibility.

Image resolution for facebook and twitter

However, after many adjustments, we came to the conclusion that 1024 by 512 is the ideal size for both Twitter and Facebook

3. Best time to post on Social Media

Yes, you hear it right! There is a perfect time for posting over social media sites. Two things that you need to consider about the timings are:

  • Post when most of the audience is online

The most logical time to post is when you know that most of your followers are online. You may use tools like Facebook Insights to get data regarding the time slot with active followers.

  • Post when no one else is posting

On the contrary, we noticed that the best posting time is the non-peak hours— such as late at night or weekends when number of posts on a social network is lower.

With limited options in hand, the followers start engaging in one of the few posts they see.

4. Length of Social Media post

The length of Social media post is something that manages to remain one of the most sought after research topic. Here is the best character count for all social media posts.

social media character length

  • Twitter – 71 to 100 characters
  • Facebook – 40 characters
  • Google Plus – 60 characters

5. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards have come up as one of the most effective yet free social media resource. These cards can be used for displaying all kinds of web content without actually clicking through to your website.

Here is an example for the Twitter card used in a tweet by Mail Chimp.


The variants of cards that you could include in your tweets are:

  • Summary card
  • Lead generation card
  • Website card
  • Photo card
  • Player card
  • Product card
  • Audio card
  • Gallery card
  • App card

With some basic yet new things that we learned about social media in 2014, there is a lot you could explore and achieve in 2015.