Biggest UX Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

UX Trends

With the competition amongst the top technological organization’s at its peak, we see a lot of new tech solutions faster, with more out-of-the box ideas stealing the spotlight. Some technologies find their base in already existing platforms and ideas while some other come with totally new approaches and knock it out of the park.

Artificial Intelligence and chatbot UI design layouts are the leading new technologies finding the most popularity amongst up and coming graphic designing firms.

Why are UX Design Principles Important?

The technology that helps design a solid user interface has entered a new and vastly expanding frontier where the possibilities are endless and flexibility is key. It is important to create a centre of gravity so this technological universe does not go into the absurd. The principles that govern this wild west Frontier are called the UX design principles. A wise and in-depth understanding of these can help your website grow and flourish, without being out-of-bounds.

The coming year will see a lot of novelty when it comes to new fads and UX trends in designing. Some of them are:

  1. Weaving A Story

The relevance of any content or graphic extends to its universal appeal and reliability. The human experience has to be reflected in the UI design and the elements of the website. The typography, content and the alignment of the text should all be in a harmony of the theme of the design. The poser of storytelling is subtle, but it ties all the chords of the design beautifully.

Weaving a story

  1. Multimedia Approach

A website that has no pictures or visual information channels tends to be overlooked too often by search engines. Having 2D or 3D pictures in symmetry with the alignment of the page, helps in balancing it thoroughly. These days, the use of animation is growing in popularity and it pays off very well to add animated content in the fabric of your website design.

Multimedia Approach

  1. Enriched Reality

The experience of visiting the website must be exhilarating. The design has to incorporate elements that mesmerize and command the attention of the viewer. The future of UX designing rests on the creativity of the designer as much as the upswing of the technological advances and software tools that enrich the experience of the visitor.

Enriched Reality

  1. Implied Reality

As the practice of inculcating technology in our daily lives advances, the implied or virtual reality has changed for each individual. Many business industries count on these unique and personalized realities to tweak and sell their products. A smart UX design aims at providing a literal context to a figurative reality.

Implied Reality

  1. Lite Versions

It is functional and practically useful to devise applications along with their lite versions. It is because people tend to keep most of their digital information on their smartphones these days and can only afford minimum storage for specific applications. Bringing about the lite versions and making the interfaced user-friendly is a challenge to the UI designers, but one that rewards richly.

Lite Versions

  1. Adept At Smartphone Conversion

Mobile phones are the gadgets which will probably see even more upsurge in the coming times. It is vital for a UI designer to keep the updated smartphone technology in mind while designing webpages. Full screens and gesture functions are available in almost all of the smartphones. The UX design needs to cater to those particular necessities.

Smartphone View


  1. Take Advantage of AI

User Interface needs to have its own intelligence after a while, when it comes to the customer’s requirements and frequent searches. Many applications and websites are already working on it and in the coming years, it will play even a greater part in designing UX based websites.

Use AI

  1. Skeuomorphic Layouts

The projected trajectory of designing fads dictate that the reflection of the real world will be expected more in UX designing. Asymmetrical formats will be balanced with a skeuomorphic design- with shadows and light balance in the forefront. The asymmetrical elements also need to be balanced to create a comprehensive whole of the UI design.

Skeuomorphic Layouts

The UX principles will definitely act as the center of interface designing in the years to come. It will help direct the flow of free-flowing creativity and give it a solid foundation. Any website that expects to get a boost from designing needs to keep these in mind before embarking on a marketing journey.

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