Chapter 2 : Saved money ? But, you’ve chosen a slow hosting service

It is a proven fact that site speed is very important parameter to achieve the good conversion rate. It decides weather someone stays or leaves your website.

The ideal time for a website to load is 3-4 seconds. Kinex media uses the special techniques to achieve the ideal time. Kinex’s website loads in less than 4 seconds which makes it easy for us to retain our visitors.

Losing your visitors as soon as they hit your website, brings down your return on investment and is really bad for search engine ranking.

Launch Quickly and help improving your Google ranking.

Google has announced at many various occasions that quick website have better search rankings. But do remember , Google analyse 200+ factors while deciding your website rank.


What to know to improve your website speed ?

There is a reliable tool – to quickly test your website speed.

So if your site is slow, above 4 seconds then you need to improve it asap. If that means paying your web host to give you more bandwidth juice, do it. If it means getting a new site design to get rid of those old fashioned flash intros, please, DO IT.

Any good web developer can cut your site’s loading time down dramatically without affecting the quality of your site. Or, they can just build you a brand new site which is fast, effective and optimized for online success.

Kinex Media have experience on 1000+ websites. Our services can help you achieve the best designs without compromising with quality and modern styles.

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