It is a proven fact that site speed is a crucial parameter to achieve a reasonable conversion rate. It decides whether someone stays or leaves your website.

The ideal time for a website to load is noted to be 2-5 seconds. However, each second beyond 2 seconds results in higher bounce rates. In fact, 40% of polled internet users report abandoning a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. 

Kinex media uses special techniques to achieve the ideal time. Kinex’s website loads in less than 3 seconds, making it easy for us to retain our visitors.

We also offer our expertise in improving the bounce rate. Bounce rate means the number of visitors leaving your website as soon as they click on it—one of the reasons why bounce rate increases are the slow site speed. The impatient web users do not wish to wait for more than 3 seconds on a website. However, if your loading time is high, you are probably bouncing off many potential customers. By compressing the size of your images and caching the website, you can gear up the site’s speed. Also, you must provide easy navigation and maintain a flow of information to enhance the user’s experience.

Failing your audiences as soon as they arrive, your website will decimate your return on investment and will be very bad for ranking search engines.


Google has announced on many various occasions that quick websites have better search rankings. But do remember, Google analyzes 200+ factors while deciding your website rank.



There is a reliable tool – to quickly test your website speed.

So if your site is slow, above 3 seconds, then you need to improve it asap. If that means paying your web host to give you more bandwidth juice, do it. 

If it means getting a new site design to get rid of those old-fashioned flash intros, please, DO IT.

Any good web developer can help reduce the incidence of the load time of your website without affecting its quality. They can build you a brand new website that is quick, efficient and optimized for success online.

Kinex Media has experience with more than 1000 websites. Our services will help you create the best designs without struggling with price and conventional styles.

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