Chapter 3: Your website must have the trust and credibility factor

Only having a website and top ranking on Google is not enough to get the sales. To achieve the conversion, your website need to have the trust factor in it. Kinex Media always believes, “If you haven’t designed trust and credibility in your website, then you have wasted it.” Your website is the online representation of your business it needs to carry the theme of your business in a professional and a balanced way, deciding the appropriate design is the state the of art which is carried by our developers. While developing a website, we know they’re not just paying us to throw a few attractive pages together; they’re paying us to build trust and create revenue.

Doing high sales is nothing to do with the price; in fact it is the trust factor which gives confidence to the buyer about the product, after sales service and the payment gateway medium.


Building trust online is paramount to getting more customers.

Most of the online customer says that a website design is #1 factor in deciding the credibility of the company.

Must do list:

  • Well designed and professional looking website.
  • Customer testimonials, especially the video testimonials.
  • Certifications, memberships, and accreditation logos.
  • your phone number and exact address.
  • A fair shipping and returns policy.
  • Secured payment gateways.

… these are only few (the list is endless).


Trust can be lost over the smallest things, it could be as simple as a


  • typo errors.
  • wrong choice of colors.
  • hard to navigate in you website.
  • too many stock photos (people like to see real persons behind the business)

… and many more.


Trust me, Trust is a crucial factor.

Everything you do with your website look needs to make your online visitors feel safe, to make them rely you. Remember you’re asking them for their credit card details or their contact details.