Chapter 4: Confusing web design is a Big Problem

The design of your website is very important and plays an important role. Spending money on professional help to get your website design is absolutely right decision and here is something in support of that you should know…

Fact: You have only less than 50 milliseconds to make a first good impression about your website.

But there’s more! A study by Google Experts says that “visually complex” and “difficult to navigate” websites are consistently have less return on investment factor as compared to others.


The simpler the design, the better ROI.

Never get too crazy with the design. Focus on being effective and direct, rather than different just for the sake of it!

Ask yourself, is your website trying to do too much? If you’re trying to re-invent the wheel of your industry, you might only be shooting yourself in the foot.

There is one more fact which can help you taking the right decision.

Fact: The brain processes visuals 50 times faster than text.

So don’t just tell them what you’re selling, SHOW them…. of course, this means you need a designer who understands the power of visual communication. I’m not saying to simplify your website so much that you don’t even show all your products or services; I’m just saying do it smart, do it with style.

Take it from me, the better your visual presentation the more enquiries/sales you’ll receive.

And by the end of this, it’s becomes very important for me to talk about next big mistake you could be making on your website…

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