Chapter 5: Remember to optimize your online sales process.

Kinex Media always believes that a website for your business is always an investment, it’s never a cost.

The mistake many website designer make is making a site look modern and fantastic, but not thinking about how to get return from it. It is very important to hire someone who knows about how to encourage online engagement and sales, so that your investment on website doesn’t get wasted.


Earning dollars from your website.

The best way to make money online is to make sure your website is effective and attractive. Your web designer should have put a lot of thought into your business needs.


Few steps that improve your online sales process.

• The right position of Quote/Contact form fields.

• Form should have balanced number of form fields.

• Reduce the perception of risk (free trials or money back guarantees).

• Talk about your business accreditations and specialization certificates.

• Frequently asked questions and Testimonials are the must to have things.

• Trust elements are sprinkled throughout your website (SSL/VeriSign logos, etc.)

Just make sure one thing here, if you’re attracting lots of web traffic to your site, but you can’t create leads then there is something wrong… Pleas e contact Kinex Media to resolve such problems and to get permanent solutions.

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