Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

Content Marketing Predictions

Content Marketing (CM) is one of the most dynamic elements in digital marketing. Undeniably, it’s completely lucrative and irrespective, regardless how tough it’s to extend the reach. You have heard ‘Content is the King’ a zillion time and how it helps in setting new milestones; but, have hardly heard about its poor execution that can hurt the brand more than you can imagine.

In 2016, content marketing will turn out to be the mainstream marketing along with traditional methods. Following are some of the CM tips to help you stand out from the crowd for right reasons.

Content Marketing

Working Hyperlinks-

Imagine, if you are reading an interesting piece of content and you click on the source provided in it. And, you will think, what’s that link is for and where it will lead to? Well, it’s a third-party link to provide more insight about the topic. You somehow click it, but it’s not working. Mean to say, it’s broken and is not taking you anywhere. How will you feel? You will simply move on and won’t share or suggest anyone to read it. Don’t do that mistake if you know how readers will react. Double check the links.



When you are creating your content masterpiece, then think more of Picasso than Dali, the two art maestros who have inspired countless people through their artwork. Creating content is an art. If your infographics are filled with data, making it too hard for readers to understand, then you are doing it wrong. 2016 will prove fruitful gifts to real infographic content. Think how you reach while reading a clear and simple infographic content. Yes! You are right. Keep it simple.


Use Genuine Resources

There are many websites who claim to offer the best content, but fall flat when it comes to providing real facts and details. Cross check the data in the link that are your using statistics from. Even a little mistake will take readers away and they will likely never return. Don’t hit the speed bump while providing old stats. Always rely on trustable sources to gain the information. One bump and readers are gone.

Be Genuine

Know your Audience

If you are still following the strategy of ‘one size fits all’, then you are moving towards a dead-end. It will not be applicable in 2016. Know your audience and prepare content for them. Your targeted audience is your loyal readers and they come first. If you are a serious content marketer, then you have to embrace this notion and plan your future posting keeping your readers in mind. One step at a time.

Know Your Audiance

Promote Your Products and Services

In 2015, content marketers tried to avoid promoting products and services, in order to look genuine. To some extent, it’s a good strategy, but sugar coating will surely do harm. If you are dealing in Web Development sector, then provide readers new information that they didn’t know and its advantages etc. It will bring attention to your services and they will probably convert into sales if they find it useful for their business operations. Write from your point of view, but write for your readers.

Promote Your Product and Services

Promote Content

Leaving your masterpiece on its place will not reap fruitful results. Take it to digital marketing platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest etc. Even more, install plugins beneath your content to share it on social media platforms. By this, you will provide life to your content and as it will get shares, it will extend your business reach.

Promote Content as a Company;

As Henry Ford said, ‘employees are my greatest strength.” While running content marketing campaigns, use all cards in your deck. Promote your employees as brand ambassador in promoting content. It will influence them about their importance in the company and will mark an everlasting impact on readers.

Promote Your Content1


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.”


The year 2016 is nothing, but filled with endless opportunities to grow your business. If you weren’t following the above-mentioned tips, then get yourself on a ride and reach the targeted audience with much pace. Vroom! Vroom!

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