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Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) of a website if executed in right way can help a website gain optimum search rankings. The key to design a successful SEO strategy for a given site is intelligent planning as there are lots of factors that need to be taken into consideration to come up with a solid SEO plan. To achieve the topmost rankings in search engine result pages, you need to pay attention to each and every detail of your website, including its content and structure as well.

In SEO, techniques and methods that are put into use to optimize a site continually evolve as search engines keep on updating their search algorithms to provide users with improved results. However, there are few SEO fundamentals that remain the same and play important role in improving a website’s rankings and are discussed here. Let us have a look:

Targeting Right Keywords – Your SEO efforts will surely yield desired results when you choose the most appropriate keywords to target. There are various online tools like Google’s Keyword Tool which you can use to figure out most appropriate keywords for your site.


An important tip about keyword selection is that one should never chose a keyword which is sounding good or is among the most searched keywords. One should focus on those keywords or key phrases that are unique but have good search volume and low competition.

Keep Your Content Updated & Fresh- Content present on your website is among the most significant SEO components. All the major search engines including the leader, Google give good rankings to those websites that feature relevant, original and informative content. Therefore, it is a good SEO practice to have optimized and key-word rich content on your website.

Update Frequently

Additionally, you should keep on reviewing and updating your content on regular basis. Remember that your website content should be of high quality and if you keep on adding fresh content on your website, it will attract more visitors and they will keep back for more again and again.

Secure High Quality Relevant Links- After optimizing the content on your website, you should concentrate on securing good-quality links from authority websites that are relevant to your industry. Earning links from these sites which enjoy good rankings with search engines is not easy; however you should try to secure links by posting your feedback or relevant comments in their blogs and articles sections.

Useful Links

Once you have taken care of all the basics requirements of a good SEO plan, you need to ensure that you keep a close eye on all your efforts as it will help you review your performance and also identify particular areas, if any that need improvements. And to not forget about Google My Business Page, keep sharing images and posts for better user experience.

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