What is happening with online vendors or websites for eCommerce is that they choose complex designs with special effects.

Inconsistent colour scheme and flash effects make the website look annoyed and make the website sluggish, and it takes longer to get loaded.

These flaws in the design of the eCommerce website generally send the potential buyers wrong signals.

Then what can be done instead?

While designing an eCommerce website, one of the most important points to keep in mind is that the creative looks of a website might look very nice aesthetically; however, if those design elements overlook the usability and user experience factors. It can badly affect them the conversion rate for the website.

Kinex Media, Toronto-based web design and development firm, and has experience designing e-commerce websites, lists a few design tips and guidelines on how to design an eCommerce website to improve the conversion rate for the website. Let us take a look:

  •  Like any other website, a simple and clean design is very important for an eCommerce website. The clean design ensures that when a potential customer visits your site, he gets his focus right on the products without any kind of distractions. Moreover, the clean design also makes the website look organized and easy to navigate.
  • The home page of an eCommerce website must clearly indicate all the current promotions/special offers being offered by the online store. This is the most appropriate place on the website to showcase all the promotional offers, including discounts, free shipping offers or any other schemes. It would be great if you could communicate about these offers via means of images, graphics or crisp photo-descriptions.
  • The navigation of the eCommerce website should be simple and clearly defined. The navigation menu must also be made visible throughout the website and on all the pages.
  • The search bar is also an integral part of an eCommerce website. It offers immense help to customers as they can easily search for the desired products directly without navigating through complete product listings.
  • Make sure to include the ability to sort products by price, reviews, bestsellers and release date; provide an option to adjust the number of items listed per page and let visitors narrow down the number of items displayed by selecting specific features.
  • Featuring a quick product preview button also results in better results as a user find this feature extremely helpful. It helps them to quickly gain a good idea about the products which they want to buy.
  • Make sure that you provide your users with a clear product description and related details in an organized manner. The price of the product and shipping charges should also be clearly indicated. Additionally, the details such as product price must be shown everywhere where the product is featured, including home page, category page, product page, and so on.
  • A secure payment gateway is among the essential features of an eCommerce website. Ensure you store the details provided by your customers with the utmost security and safety so that they do not get leaked or hacked.

The guidelines mentioned above are just a few of the main things which, if ensured while designing an eCommerce website can do wonders. To get more detailed information on how to design the eCommerce website and to ensure the best conversion rates, you can get in touch with experts at https://www.kinexmedia.com/.

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