Evolving SEO Strategies for 2014 to Keep an Eye On

The web world is always changing and evolving and so are the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. 2013 has been an eventful year for the SEO experts, with many mistakes made and some important lessons learnt. Throughout 2013, we saw many tweaks from Google on their various algorithms, sending panic among the SEO teams all across the globe, keeping them on their toes. It is essential to keep pace with the changing scenarios and develop long term SEO strategies that are essential to invest in and will give fruitful results in 2014.

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird
Along with updates on Panda and Penguin, we found Google introducing Hummingbird to encourage quality content and fight spam, so as to get more relevant results. Aim for high quality posts and content to link to, if looking for a long term and stable success and rocket up the rankings too. Providing high quality, useful and relevant content is the key here and quality content will not only help boost the SEO ranking, but also get more customers and visitors  naturally interested in the site and this will work on SEO organically.

Google Hummingbird
We will see the influence of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird all through the year. Hummingbird, especially helps weed out irrelevant content bloated with keywords.

Think in Mobile Terms
As the mobile market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, 2014 will find a colossal rise in the number of mobile users. With more than 40% of world population already having a smartphone and more than 85% having a mobile, it is no surprise to find an increasing number of customers using their mobile to make searches. Wikipedia, Amazon and Facebook already experience about 20 % rise in mobile traffic.

smartphone with social media

SEO professionals must know already that optimizing websites for mobile and tablets is going to be very essential in the coming months, in order to tap the growing mobile market. The online companies will lose their customers if they fail to meet the consumer demand via mobiles.

Social Media Is a Must
Social media will play a leading role in 2014 and simply being on Facebook or Twitter is not going to be enough. One has to remain active on more Social networks and make use of them as a landing page to create more leads and conversions and impact search results. Social media pages will play an important role in building customer relations and digital marketers will need to respond actively to the customers. However unless and until a strategy is developed to take advantage of each social network, the utilization of social media won’t work.

social media

Keep the above aspects in mind if you are really serious about staying on top of the game and the search engine rankings in 2014. Expect more updates on Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird this year too, as Google attempts to make further improvements. SEO specialists need to change and evolve, focusing with the right SEO strategies this year to get results.

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