In the modern era, it isn’t all about ushering websites on the world wide web. It calls for creativity, research, and understanding your audience to the core. With that, it’s perfect to say that the modern digital world no longer requires mere web designers; it needs UX designers.

Around the world, it’s no longer a tricky task to build web pages and combine them to create a website. With all the technology and platforms; that is a walkover. However, the real job manifests itself when you need to craft for a particular purpose.

The current stats indicate that there are only 200 million active websites with more than 1.5 billion inactive websites on the internet. Why is that so? Are those websites unattractive, out of our range, or fail to meet user expectations? Let’s dive into the actual call of designing a good website with a few insights.

What is Modern Web Design?

Building a website is no longer an intricate job with the availability of software online; however, the field has drastically changed. Earlier, web design was simply a science of creating web pages and then combining them to make websites that are accessed on the internet.

However, today, web design is both a science and an art that differentiates skilled web designers from mere designers. Modern web design consists of various considerations and elements followed to drive purposeful websites.

Modern web designers concern themselves beyond the appearance (visual appeal), layout, fonts, and colors of a website to user experience. The era has completely changed from web design to UX design with the motive of increasing engagement. Following basics and trends can help you develop an excellent website design focused on the user and not the technology. One of the most innovative ways to expand your company and make more money is by having a good appealing website design.

Designing for the Human Eye!

As we know, nowadays, there is no scarcity of online resources. With that, it becomes more critical that your website has that uniqueness that helps it stand out from the rest. Channeling people to visit your website is a challenging task and turning those visits into valuables is another puzzle.

Your website design must be designed to be attractive and communicate a clear and straightforward message that all visitors easily understand. It would be great if you put in all the effort so that your business stands apart from your competitors. One of the most recommended approaches is conveying the website’s ultimate intent well through a simple message on the homepage.

With all this, UI and UX designers are a perfect combo to do the job and not just a regular web designer. A good web design must be easy to use, authentic, aesthetically pleasing, and produces a user experience for the target audience.


What Makes a Website Showcase a Good Website Design

 Here are the essential features of a good website design that you can rely on to achieve your targets smoothly;

  • Responsiveness

Responsive web designs are those whose pages display well on all devices, i.e. mobile phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. In simple terms, responsive web designs automatically adjust depending on the user screen size. Responsive web designs render website pages accessible, increase traffic, and enhances user experience.

Google indicates that 48% of internet users think that a business is responsible for the customers’ needs if the website is responsive. This belief is expected to increase as the modern generation is becoming more oriented towards using mobile phones.


  • Simplicity

Complexity isn’t a fine ticket in web design. Many website visitors expect to get what they are looking for on a page the moment they land on it. Therefore, ensure a clean and simple website design for optimal usability. Maintaining a simple web design provides a seamless user experience. The website visitor can smoothly navigate the page and proceed to other pages following a simple guide of the navigation titles. Divide content into categories and, where necessary, make elements clickable.

  • Ideal Navigation

The most important feature of any good website design is a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. You need to organize the information in a planned and structured way so that different pages on your website follow a logical path and the overall architecture looks sensibly designed.

The material published through error-free dialect will undoubtedly help you target more visitors as you get top ranking on search engines’ results pages. In addition, the quality content promotes visitors to visit the inner pages of your website to discover out more information on the services and products offered on your website.

Easy navigation will make people stay longer on your website because good navigation attracts over 30% of website visitors. With that, improve your website navigation by ensuring consistency, a professional Contact Us Page, CTAs, typography, and quality content related to your business’s nature.

  • Fast Load Speed

Internet users and search engines like Google detest slow-loading websites. Google analysts stress that website load speed is a critical ranking factor in 2021 and will remain in the years to come. Websites that load within 3 seconds and preferably in less than 2 seconds stand a better chance of receiving more traffic.

A study by Google in 2017 indicated that bounce rates increase with the increase in load speed. It means that the faster your website loads, the better you get to attract visitors, retain customers, and offer the best user experience. This is no exception whether you focus on attracting mobile users or desktop users.


  • Search-Engine Friendliness

Websites are designed for human eyes; however, before they reach the human eye, they are sieved by search engines. SEO-friendly websites make it easier for websites to meet their targets and smoothen search experiences. Ensure to create SEO-friendly URLs optimized with keywords. Other thoughtful considerations include unique content, titles, descriptions, and fast load speed.

  • Mobile Compatibility

There is an increasing number of mobile users today that businesses can profit from easily. Rather than focusing on desktop experiences, partially redirect efforts to mobile users. Mobile-friendly websites can help you receive quality traffic since 61% of the world’s population has mobile phones. Ensure to tailor experiences depending on the target audience, and diving into a proper understanding of cognitive processes among website users is beneficial.

If you have an eCommerce website where financial transactions take place, you need to have a secured payment gateway function integrated. Additionally, all the personal information shared by the clients while registering on your website must be secured so that it does not get leaked on the internet.

  • Google Analytics

Running a website requires a lot of effort; however, modern tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Analytics, can help you out. Google Analytics is effective in monitoring website performance, i.e. website traffic, conversions, ROI, etc.


Some people think that it’s challenging to start a website; if you are also among them, you need not worry. It’s possible to have an excellent and successful website, which is undoubtedly the dream of every website owner. However, a web designer must double on creativity and research. Kinex Media is a leading web design Toronto company offering professional website design services affordably. Contact the team to get a good website design that best identifies your business.

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