Find out if you have a lazy website

If you have a website and it’s not working for your business then it’s possible that you have a lazy website. The symptoms of a lazy website are widespread and can be spotted very easily.

See if your website has the following symptoms:-

  • No new ‘news’ on the News & Events page
  • No new content from the day the site went live
  • No reflection of what’s really going on now in the market you serve

All of the above are symptoms of a ‘Lazy Website’.

slow website speed


So, what can you do about it?

If your site has the above symptoms, don’t be afraid to admin you have a problem… remember your ‘Lazy Website’ can be fixed!

Follow these few steps cure your website.

Step 1

Carry out some analysis and take a long look at your website and ask whether it’s getting the job done.  We’re not looking at a complete redesign – in most cases, because it’s probably not needed. Remember to look at it from the perspective of the customers you’re targeting.  How much is relative content is there?  How much really focuses on customer needs?  Is it looking a little tired and out dated?

Step 2

Spend some time on most important pages – Home, Team and News – and decide today what needs to be changed.  These are the pages visitors are most likely to view on their first trip to your site.

Step 3

Figure out ways to make the site interactive through social media .  This helps create a connection with your customers.

Social Media Marketing

It is important to understand that you cannot simply put up a website and expect that all you have to do is wait around for orders. In fact, we recommend that you hire a local company Website Design Toronto so you can get the desired results from your site.

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