The instant you conclude to stick to a specific social media site, the market is launching something better.

Noticing that people go apeshit over the same thing, you switch to the next one, creating a series of attempts to stick to a specific one. Given the rise in the number of social networks, deciding which system may be advantageous has become very difficult.

As a designer representing a website, you need to keep in mind what role social media has in an individual’s life. For some, the addiction to social media is so much that communicating without it seems a daunting task.

As web designers, you ought to comprehend that this will not help to conform to a given media. You’d need to discover all the social niche networks in the best possible way.

Integrating web designs with social media profiles has become a crucial task. Social Media helps you in connecting and targeting your customers at deeper levels. There should be consistency in terms of colours and fonts of different elements across all social media platforms. You can use the same images from your website blogs in your social media posts. Make use of the influencers on social media platforms to give a boost to your brand. Your content material should also be altered continuously with the changing dynamics.

Without stressing much about all the options available, here are the top networks you should stick to:

  • FacebookTwitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

What can Social media Do For You?

If you are still wondering ‘what is the use of building a community over these sites,’ have a look at the benefits listed below.

Abundant Resources; what fascinates people the most is the latest scoop. People always follow those who provide them with juicy trends and updates in their favourite fortes. With an active contribution over social media channels, you can build a base of loyal followers.

Building Relationships; No one is going to trust you until they see your presence online and like you. Through social media, you can let people come across you and eventually create likeliness towards your website or brand. It takes time to build a firm relationship with people, and nothing does that better than social media platforms.

Rising Sales; Websites are not like the stores where people can walk in and window shop for the services offered. Once you create potential customers online, you can expect the sales to continue even when you are not working. With social media, you can let the audiences discover you and help in making the sales graph rise.

5 Tools For Maximum Social Media Engagement

Sprout social – This essential social media tool lets you avail services such as multiple platforms for customer engagement, analytics, publishing updates and monitoring conversions.


  • Khoros – This is a web-based media engagement tool that allows you to track media accounts through schedules, recommendations, analytics, and social listening.


  • TweetDeck – This is a powerful tracking and management tool that allows you to manage multiple timelines, create alerts and real-time management.


  • HootSuite – With more than millions of users, this is one of the most popular media engagement tools. You can integrate more than 20 networking platforms at once.


  • Buffer – This is the application that has allowed people to manage all the social apps at once while scheduling the updates. You can benefit from the scheduling, analytics and browser plugins.



Over 3.2 billion consumers worldwide are now active on social media. With so much of the population actively involved in social media, it’s no surprise that 67 percent of the business executives surveyed in the report said social media marketing is improving their bottom line.

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