Adwords implemented Updated URLs to help users navigate the landing page individually, and monitor information.

Each of this information can be tracked individually using the new final URL and the prototype tracking fields.

This update provides you with an additional insight to monitor your ad efficiency, track updates, and the best one is that it allows you to run the ads even when you change the shared tracking templates.

Below are some suggestions in their blog recommended by Google Adwords to help you take full advantage of the Upgraded URLs. Also, as reported on the Adwords site, we have some stories from advertisers who have gained from new URLs.

Tips for upgrading the URLs:

  • Go to advance update, add new ValueTrack parameters to your monitoring models from here. It will help monitor tourists, location, and performance based on the smartphone.
  • Yeah!! Here is the good news, you can let your ads run the same way as before even when you are editing them through the newly introduced shared tracking templates.

Take as an instance if you start a new campaign, you can continue to run the ad and add new monitoring parameters at the same time. This will help save you time and eventually keep away from the risk of losing potential company.

  • The advanced enhancement and shared tracking models may be used by all those who make regular tracking changes around the account. It will help you make as many monitoring updates at one point as possible and extend them to all your campaign or ad party.

Have a quick look at this video to know more about the benefits of Upgraded URLs.



Let us hear about the early success

From time savings to reliable and scalable tracking management – here are some of the success stories we’ve heard from advertisers who are using Upgraded URLs.

“Our clients like to move fast, which means a lot of changes to landing pages and tracking that we need to append onto our URLs.

Upgraded URLs let us be nimble with these changes, without the risk of losing our ad history or triggering a review.

The new value track parameters let us see deeper insights into our business, and we can set them at the account level for easier implementation. I absolutely recommend upgrading to any advertiser.” — Sean McEntee, Account Lead at 3Q Digital

“Upgraded URLs let us set different final URLs for mobile and desktop under the umbrella of a single ad. This gives our teams and our advertisers’ businesses a more reliable way to update tracking and helps ensure customers land on the appropriate page, rather than relying on URL redirects.” — David Gong, Director of Strategic Accounts at PMG


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