How To Maximize Search Engine Rankings

Maximize SEO Rankings

You all know that when it comes to search engines, no one can beat Google. So whether you are having an online business or an offline one, it is essential to get your company to the top of search results. If you don’t get it on top, you are losing a lot of potential revenue. However, if you don’t know the tactics for maximizing your search engine rankings, given below are few of them; have a look!

  1. Don’t be afraid of slowing down

Over the past year, a new trend is noticed; if links to the website are built very quickly, it wouldn’t rank well. However, if just a few anchor text links are built every month, the rankings would definitely go up. So, the strategy here is building just 5 to 10 anchor text links. Out of those, 2 might contain the anchor text that has to be ranked. Moreover, stop or slow down building these links after 5-6 months as your rankings would go up naturally over a period of time if you don’t continue to build anchor text links. The key here is ‘being patient’. If the link building happens at a rapid pace, it would look quite unnatural.

Build Quality Not Quantity Links

  1. Get social

Social media has 2 main aspects. The 1st is the profiles on these social sites and the 2nd is how often you get the website ranked on the web. Major search engines such as Google take into account votes from these social sites. In Google’s Webmaster Tools, you would see how many people voted +1 for the website and how the traffic is being affected. In order to rank well, start creating powerful profiles on Google plus, Twitter and Facebook. Then, start promoting you website. Whether it is a product or service that you are selling or whether it is blog content, social media buttons must be added to the website. Users must be encouraged to click on them, as it would affect search engine traffic in the long run.

Social Media

  1. Links must be diversified

There are several types of links you can get such as directory links, links from blog posts, homepage links, blog roll links, footer links, educational links etc. SEOs usually have a tendency of building only 1 instead of each type of these links. So if you want a high ranking, you can’t just put your focus only on 1 method of link building. You would have to get links to the website from directories, blogs and at times from homepages of other websites. Ensure that whatever links you are building have relevance, so that they can make a big impact.



  1. Content is ‘Not’ king, ‘Unless’ it is good content

Many people try adding pages and pages of unique content hoping the number of pages would be increased on the blog. Some people do it through question and answer communities. The overall idea is definitely a good one. However, the mistake people often make is that they don’t moderate the community well and nor keep the content quite engaging.  If great content is added through questions and answers community, the traffic would definitely shoot up. At first you would see the traffic shooting up, but later on, it would start going down.  The fault here isn’t of the questions and answers community, but it is the way it is handled. If more search engine love is desired, it would be good to add more content to the website. However, good content has to be added instead of just flooding the website with mediocre information. This would help the page in getting natural links.

Content is King ?

  1. Links should be purchased ethically

Yes, buying links is definitely a big task. You wouldn’t want to hit up websites and ask if they are selling links. However, what can be done in this case is that money can be spent on content and that content can be given away for free. Infographics are definitely the best example of this. Good ones can be created for $500 or less or above. These can be emailed to popular bloggers for seeing whether they are wanting exclusive rights to those in exchange of links. Popular blogs such as Mashable are willing to post these infographics that are created by companies. If you manage to get a link from these sites, you would get an authoritative link. However, while using this strategy, you need to understand that you can’t expect others to pick up crap content. If good information is created and popular bloggers are emailed, there is a good chance of getting a link with high Page Rank.

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