Know About the Latest Updates in Social Media

Being someone who is a part of the social media marketing field, it is important that you keep testing the waters. You need to keep yourself posted regarding the updates from all leading social media platforms. Here are the latest scoops from all your favorite social media channels.

Facebook Launches Call-to-Action Buttons for its Pages:

Facebook says that they understand the importance of official pages in creating a link between businesses and people. With call-to-action buttons for pages, the businesses will be able to draw requisite audience. The brands can mark their Facebook presence and link the call-to-action button to any destination on or off Facebook. The seven call-to-action buttons launched by Facebook are Contact Us, Book Now, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video.

Facebook Plugin


Stay Connected Professionally with LinkedIn’s Redesigned Homepage:

With LinkedIn’s redesigned homepage, you can anytime analyze your professional authority. You can see the same over the dashboard link at the top of homepage. You can have a look at the number of people who viewed the profile last week or the past day and the number of views for your recent update. Other added benefits that you can experience over LinkedIn are ‘Keep in Touch’ box and a separate network for highlighting the professional insights.



Instagram Glamorizes the Images With introduction of Five New Filters:

With some beautiful filters like Willow and Mayfair, Instagram has managed to garner sufficient admirers and followers. Instagram has taken a step ahead and has introduced five new attractive filters. Accordingly to spokesperson from Instagram, “These filters are inspired by fashion, photography, art, and design of the global Instagram community.”



Facebook Introduces ‘Auto-Enhance’ feature for photos Uploaded via iOS:

There are times when some images fail to depict the background or represent the scene the way it should be. To make sure you escape such situations, Facebook has launched an auto enhance filter feature for iOS users. For this feature, you can check the settings and control the strength or on and off the feature.

Facebook_auto enhance


Google Launches Video Analytics Page in AdWords for Videos:

To beef up the performance of videos, Google has launched the video analytics page for videos. You no more have to visit the YouTube analytics to see their performance. You can have a look at the performance right over the Adwords page for video.



Skype Translator Preview – A step closer to better communication:

Skype has taken a step ahead to remove the communication barriers between people from different regions with the launch of Skype translator preview. The program will kick off with two spoken languages, Spanish and English. Also, they have confirmed that more than 40 languages would be available for translation through instant messaging. The feature will be available with users who have logged in via Skype Translator sign-up page and use Windows 8.1 on the device.

Have a look at the video to see the translator program used by two schools, one in Mexico and other in USA.

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