Being someone who is a part of the social media marketing field, you must keep testing the waters. You need to keep yourself posted regarding the updates from all leading social media platforms. 

Here are the latest scoops from all your favourite social media channels.

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons for its Pages:

Facebook says that they understand the importance of official pages in creating a link between businesses and people. With call-to-action buttons for pages, the businesses will be able to draw the requisite audience. 

The brands can mark their Facebook presence and link the call-to-action button to any destination on or off Facebook. 

The seven call-to-action buttons launched by Facebook are Contact Us, Book Now, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. 

Facebook Plugin

Snapchat unveils a certification course on critical ads:

A new learning site called ”Snap Focus” is here for advertisers and marketers who are still seeking to stay on top of Snapchat ads to make it simpler for you.

“The Snap Focus program includes six courses that will give you a clear understanding of Snapchat, the Snapchat generation, advertisement strategies and opportunities, how to manage media and innovative campaigns in Advertising Manager, and innovative best practices,” as Snapchat describes.

Snapchat Ads CertificationAnd that too absolutely free!

Instagram Glamorizes the Images With the introduction of Five New Filters:

With some beautiful filters like Willow and Mayfair, Instagram has managed to garner sufficient admirers and followers. Instagram has taken a step ahead and has introduced five new attractive filters. 

Accordingly to a spokesperson from Instagram, “These filters are inspired by fashion, photography, art, and design of the global Instagram community.” 


YouTube adds new features to boost channel performance and merchandise sales:

YouTube is releasing its very own variant of a performance summary similar to Google Analytics, which will show user count, watch time, views, and revenue results within a single dashboard. The portal also launched a ”Live Notifications for Merch’Merch’ feature, which will encourage merchandising during a live stream within the thread of comments.

Youtube Features

Google launches a Pinterest-style app called Keen:

Although there is a noticeable difference between the monthly active users (MAU) on Pinterest (367 million MAU) and Google (2 billion MAU), Google knows that Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular. Google, therefore, decided to launch a new app known as Keen. To quote Google, Keen is ” a place where you can develop and share your interests with your loved ones and discover things that will help make this meaningful life count.”

Keen App

LinkedIn offers free courses in diversity:

With all that’s going on right now, I feel we can all stand to know one or two things about creating a stronger workforce and community. LinkedIn this week shared the firm’s decision to offer free coursework about how to generate more inclusiveness and build a sense of workplace belonging.

LinkedIn LearningThe course explores Inclusive Social Skills, Cultural Sensitive Issues Communication, and Confronting Bias: Thriving Our Differences, to name a few. This initiative is calling for a massive shout to LinkedIn to give us the tools to push towards a better future.

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