Now Do Link Building: The White Hat Style!

Link Building

Algorithm updates such as Google Penguin focus upon reducing the search engine rankings of all those websites that have been making use of spam and low authority links. With passing time, the update has got smarter and has developed a strong affinity towards white hat tactics for link building. For all those who are still relying upon the black hat strategies for link building should take a step back. This is probably the best time to ditch the black hat link building strategies that you have been relying upon. Leading search engines such as Google and Bing believe that these strategies violate the guidelines set by them by offering poor quality of back links. So, eventually you are putting your website at the risk of penalty. For knowing about the links that Google hates, checkout our post, Types of Links That Google Hates.

Google Dislike

What comes out as a better strategy in this case is the White hat link building strategies. Unlike, the black hat techniques that put your website at risk, these strategies are friendly in nature. These strategies rely upon webmaster guidelines as preset by search engines. So, when you use white hat strategies for link building, you do not have to worry about your website getting into any trouble.

The best white hat strategies that you should rely upon are:

1) Existing Relationships

The most efficient way of building links is to make use of your existing relationships. By existing relationships, we are referring to the partners or other websites that are willing to link to your website. You can seek advantage through vendors, clients, customers, tradeshows and Brand Mentions.

Customer Realationsip

To increase the chances for the partners to accept your proposal of linking websites, it is important that you remain straightforward and explain the partners well about what benefits they can avail. This will increase the likelihood of them helping you with link building.

2) Guest Blogging

One of the most genuine link building technique is guest blogging. However, it should not be your prime focus when performing link building. Since, you are contributing to other blogs through your content, it is essential that you create content that is of high quality and is not there merely for the purpose of creating link.

Guest blogging Is A Way To Success

Here are some guidelines that you need to follow before getting started:

  • Make sure that the website you are relying upon is of high authority. The best way to check the same is by evaluating the website’s back link profile. It is important that the website makes use of ethical standards else, you would be at the risk of a penalty.
  • Checkout the audience or the followers for the website. You need to be sure that they are relevant to your industry.
  • The sources should be reputable. For this purpose, you will have to audit the content and see if everything is well supported.
  • Look for the followers of the website over social media channels. This will give you an idea as in how popular is the website.

3) Use of Linkable Content

Despite being a popular link building technique, most of the users often overlook this strategy. This strategy could be used very well for building quality prone link through linkable content. The linkable content could be anything ranging from blog post, infographic, forums, surveys, or some how-to-do guide. Once you manage to create such content, the next course of action would be defining and implementing a plan as in how content and links would be distributed. The linkable content could be used anywhere ranging from website to social media platforms.

Link Building Linkable Content

The main intention is to ensure that who so ever comes across your content finds it relevant and manages share it and hence making it more identifiable.


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