Plan Your Own Mobile E-Commerce Store (Part 1)

Part 1

Planning to kick-start your mobile e-commerce store can seem to be a daunting task. You can make it easier by breaking it down to various steps.

Through this blog post, we will be analyzing the factors that are responsible for creating an e-commerce website that is unmatched concerning design and accessibility. To make sure that you do not skip the guide because of its length, we are dividing the guide into four parts.

Here are the significant factors that we will be discussing in the form of parts while designing an e-commerce website:

  1. For whom are we creating the mobile website?
  2. What means would we follow for measuring the conversion?
  3. What are the design factors that affect mobile e-commerce conversion rates?
  4. How should the product page look like?
  1. For whom are we creating the mobile website?

When creating and delivering solutions, the foremost concern is to analyze the segment of people who would be using the services. In the case of a mobile e-commerce website, it is the mobile users who would be targeted. To understand their psyche, we will be having a look at the mindset of the mobile customer while understanding their behaviour.

  • Major Phone Usage Locations

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Most of the mobile users love to browse it while watching TV, going out for shopping sprees, in bed, in the bathroom, having meals or simply when getting bored.

It is not necessary that every time the user utilizes the device, he or she will be in the mood of shopping. People are in different mental states at different times of the day, which is why they may or may not be in the state of purchasing anything.

Expanding Mobile Ecommerce

This can still be a plus point. Yes, you hear it right! You can display various banners over the homepage of your mobile e-commerce website so that even when the user is not in the mood of purchase, he or she stills views the ads and keeps the factors such as best deals, discounts or voucher in the back of mind. They might even return to making a purchase.

  • Types of Mobile Shoppers

Those who love to compare

These days when a shopper plans to buy something at a store, they first look for the prices quoted by online stores. Based on the price quoted online, they make the final call. In case the price offered by the e-commerce store is more appealing, they will buy from mobile.

Those who are always looking for deals

These are the people who have a strong affinity for bargains and offers. The first thing that they do while navigating a store is looking for sale, offers and coupon codes. Unlike the shoppers who love to compare, these shoppers are happy to shop without comparing, considering that they are getting something that is exclusive.

Those who love to shop over social sites

There is a segment of shoppers who love to stay updated at all social channels. They follow the leading fashion brands, trends and are ready to purchase anything desirable that comes into the picture through social sites.

Those who want to escape the boredom

The favorite past time for people who are getting bored is browsing their mobiles. They love to have a look at the mobile e-commerce websites. They are either visiting the store to see some updates or merely passing the time. The best part is that there are high chances that they may turn out as impulsive buyers. However, even if they do not purchase anything, they are still going to subscribe to news feeds or emails.

This blog post was all about Part 1 of the guide. For the next part of the guide, stay tuned.

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