Plan Your Own Mobile E-Commerce Store (Part 3)

Part 3

Here comes another interesting part of our guide ‘Plan for your own Mobile E-commerce Store’. We will continue while exploring the design factors that affect the conversion rates for mobile E-commerce.

What Design Factors Affect Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Rates?

Hierarchy & Navigation

When navigating a website over mobile, it is the space element that restricts itself. As a mobile website designer, it is difficult to offer mega menus to users for navigating multiple categories. However, it is important that you accentuate the primary features within the confined space. This can be done by offering a search bar that lets the user easily search for multilevel menus. Off-canvas navigation is something that has gained wide popularity in respect of mobile website design & is a reliable option.

To sum up, you can make your design highly responsive by including elements such as off-canvas navigation, drop-down search bar, instant cart and a store locator. All this has to be done within a small space.

Usability & Loading Time

As a proficient designer, your task is to help brands in creating mobile friendly websites that help in reinforcing the brands of clients. The website you are offering should have the minimum load time and should be user friendly at the same time. One could make the website look responsive and highly usable by adding a fixed menu and icons at the top of website.


Try using a menu button that opens up to a sub menus. This way you can save some space for adding imagery with out neglecting the usability factor.

Navigation: Fixed Vs. Non-Fixed

When deciding the navigation pattern, you are going to come across Fixed & Non-Fixed navigation. While the fixed navigation is visible to the user even while scrolling, non-fixed navigation can be seen by the user only at the top of the page.

Navigation System

A better option is opting for fixed navigation. What makes it a better option is the fact that it lets the user to make way to the top without actually scrolling up. With a single finger touch, the users can make quick navigation. This can be achieved better using j Query or Bootstrap.

Product Photography

As a user visiting a website, the first thing that impresses us is the product display. The way, a product has been displayed over the web page is responsible for adding to loyal clients to the existing customer base. You can provide an in-depth view of the products to the users navigating over the mobile website. Grab eyeballs using features such as individual product shots, detailed shots, 360 Degrees shot and in-use shot to name a few.

Display 360 Product Photo

Copy Writing

It is good to see the details specified beforehand. However, the details seem appealing only if they are confined. Providing too many details can be definitely a mess for the readers over mobile. Keep the details short, precise and most importantly use call-to-action phrases. Avoid keeping the descriptions lengthy, instead keep them within a word limit that is easy to read over the mobile screen.

Call To Action


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