What Is RANK BRAIN ? Its Importance For SEO


The SEO game has completely changed. Gone are the days when Google was lenient in ranking web pages. Less relevant websites got their share of fame to rank on the first page due to over SEO optimization and with less content. In the past few years, Google has completely changed the SEO game and introduced several algorithms to increase user experience and to level up the game for the owners to produce better quality content to sustain their ranking, else leave the place for a deserving one.

This thing has surely helped users to consume the correct and healthy information regarding the topic. In 2015, Google rolled-out Rank Brain and kept developing it to understand how users behave on the web and used those factors to enhance the search results.

In June 2016, Google started using Rank Brain in web searches. This brings a big question that even marketing pundits are trying to solve. Yes, we all have some knowledge, but still, we have a limit understanding about the new member of Google’s algorithm family and how to harness the true power of its coding.

There was a time when SEO was all about building links and keywords. Now, the scenario has changed completely. Don’t think that link building and keywords don’t matter at all. Yes, they do matter, but machine learning has truly impacted the SEO and the way Google and other tech companies are working on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), we will see a lot of changes that will either propel the speed of the digital marketing campaigns or will bring to the back foot until the necessary things don’t get revamped to be likeable by the intelligence working behind Rank Brain.

Rank Brain

User Intent & Rank Brain

The biggest challenge for any digital agency, content marketers etc. is to develop web pages having user intent factors that don’t satisfy the developers’ needs, but how it can be relevant to the queries put in the search bar.

Undoubtedly, search engines are now focusing on the content’s quality and testing the content on different parameters to understand the user behavior and how it can be improved for the future. Nowadays, having too many keywords and outbound links are negative for your efforts because Google doesn’t like companies spoon-feeding their users, and want entrepreneurs to spend time in writing the quality content, without complaining a bit.

So, what to do to bring best things together?



You think why it’s always about ‘content’ and does we know the difficulty level of creating an evergreen piece of content that actually earn backlinks from the top-rated websites? Yes, we do. Yes, we are aware of what we are doing; what we are suggesting; what we are advising. Yes, we do.

Remember that SEO is not what it used to be. Twas an easy thingy to create backlinks and SEO experts often used one piece of content on multiple websites – and TA DA – the ranking was there. Article submissions and directory submissions are nearly dead or don’t have much relevance anymore in the current online marketing scenario.

What’s left is to create great content, with less use of keywords and few outbound links. It’s the job that isn’t easy because of the multiple media outlets have gone viral; the content game has become hard, truly, truly hard.

Now, the creativity sails the content boat in the right direction and will automatically get you the desired inbound links from the best-rated websites from the article niche.
Imagine you are running an eCommerce store and aren’t doing any kind of affiliate marketing program. But every once in a while, you produce a superb article on how to reduce the fat and get into a great shape.

You properly use CTAs to assist your readers in shopping the product after reading the article. The best thing in your article is that it doesn’t sell your product and your produced article is up to the medical writing standards and answers a lot of things in a deliberate fashion that even a less educated person can easily take notes on and can use the tips to reduce the excessive fat from the body.

Your article has the perfect blend of HD images, videos, GIFs etc to capture the attention of the readers.

What is Rank Brain?

In layman’s term, Rank Brain is the machine learning intelligence of Google that is designed and developed to bring user relevancy and to revolutionize the game of the web marketing. Since Google’s 95% earning is through ad revenues, the company is motivated to encourage businesses to use white-hat online marketing techniques and create content that could help them to beat their rivals with less productive content in their marketing strategy.

According to the industry professions, it’s beneficial for common as well as for rare search queries. Believe it or not, but every day, nearly 500 million search queries searched on Google are those that have never ever been searched before and the company has to do the guess work to show the search results. Hence, Rank Brain came into existence to help people getting the best results possible and to the cover, the 500 million search queries gap (roughly 15% of total queries in a day).

Google Rank Brain

How does Rank Brain Work?

Well, we don’t really know exactly how the algorithm works because a lot of speculations and estimates are going in the market, but with our industry experience and power of observation, we can tell somehow the current scenario and operations of Google’s newest algorithm.

Type “Best Magento Development Companies in Canada”

Google now understand what the user is looking for. He’s looking for the companies that are reliable, user trusted, have great content to offer on the website, user-friendly website and web accessible, and give all the information on Magento development to offer before he contacts the company’s officials.


Beneath are some important ranking factors that Google Rank Brain might be considering:

• Keywords
• Related Topics
• Freshness
• Engagement
• Domain Authority

Google catches user signal to understand what user is looking for. For instance, a user clicked on the displayed results pages that were from 2017 or were from late 206, and Google said, “okay,” and took its time to interpret what else can be done to bring the latest results for the search queries because the user wants websites that are recently developed.

We have heard ‘Content is the King‘, but it has become much more important in 2017 after Rank Brain is successfully rolled out and is working to catch the user signals to produce better user experience oriented environment.

Structured Data

Remember that search engines keep on improving on a regular basis and they send signals to the Google what your pages are about. Hence, if you keep updating your website content, then you are doing yourself a favor in terms of digital marketing efforts.

Hence, using structured data is beneficial for your website because it tells search engines about your web pages: how they should be displayed, what kind of information they are offering, and how need to be classified.

Based on Schema.org, structured data tells about your online store, for instance, product names and descriptions, prices and condition etc. to Google and, based on those characteristics, the results are displayed in the search queries.

While structured data is important, over doing it will seriously produce negative effects and Google will waste no time in punishing the over smartness of the person.

Google My Business

Always use Google My Business to complete all your detailed information via Structured Data: web address, contact details, brief descriptions, few images, business hours, location, reviews etc.

Google’s team verifies all the information used in setting up a Google My Business account; hence, any unnecessary and invalid details will be removed by Google or adjusted, corrected as per the user relevancy.

Google my business

Don’t change too much in your details, which can result in losing the visibility of your page and may even get blocked.

Local SEO

Google is constantly working on improving Local SEO results and the current year will see some bigger changes for memorable results and better business visibility to those companies having everything tied up in the right places.

If you have really studied your website statistics, you would have noticed ‘near me’ terms. Google is trying to show businesses near to the user as per his search results. For instance, if a user wants digital marketing for his business and he is currently Googling it from his shop that happened to be near from your office, chances are your digital agency website will rank up in the local SEO search and he may likely to contact you.


Another example is of restaurants. Suppose you want to eat at Dominos and your city has many Dominos outlets. Google search results will show the nearby store firstly, and rest outlets, afterward. That’s how Google is trying to level up the SEO game, so the user can find good things around them without driving distant places to satisfy their needs or wants.

That being said, we suggest you wait for part -2, where we will talk more about the topic in-depth. Meanwhile, we advise you to work on your content and keep looking for the ideas that your audience feel interested in and, around whose, you can generate a good amount of content.

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