Gone are the days when only content ranking mattered, nowadays search engines ranking SEO for videos is as much important as former.

Considering the fact that YouTube is the second largest internet search engine in the world, many people have glued their eyes to the channel as a medium for creating awareness and generating leads.

Thus far, YouTube has gained about 6 billion hours of video viewers a month. The massive content available on the platform makes it very clear why YouTube viewership has risen dramatically. Evidently, it has offered people a medium for sharing their videos and getting audiences.

Let’s see some facts:

Key YouTube Statistics

  •       2 billion active YouTube subscribers a month
  •       YouTube videos watched 1 billion hours a day
  •       500 hours every minute of content uploaded to YouTube
  •       YouTube 250 million hours viewed on TV screens per day
  •       YouTube is located in 91 countries and is available in 80 languages
  •       YouTube ads order a 62 per cent attention rate (45 per cent TV records)
  •       YouTube revenue is forecast at between $9.5 and $14 billion for 2018
  •       An approximate US YouTube ad sales of $3.36-$4.43 billion for 2018
  •       YouTube’s total value is $140-$ 160 billion

As someone who is looking for audience, posting the video on YouTube alone would not do any wonders. For anyone who has made endless efforts to create some short promotional video, lack of views would make things go in wrong direction.

However, while following a few tips, you can make sure that you improve the search engine ranking of your videos and eventually receive desired traffic and viewers. The key concept here is to get found by similar businesses.

Companies that work on the same grounds as yours may contact you and help you lift the scale of business. Here are the tips and tactics we recommend you can adopt to achieve a high search rank:

Finding ways to make the viewers stay for longer:

Currently, YouTube is measuring a vid os that are well conceptualized and interesting at the same time. It is essential to create that are engaging and are viewed for a longer time. Longer videos would increase the view time and would eventually lead to higher rankings.

stay longer

Name, describe and tag your video:

 YouTube would never know what your video is all about, if you fail to offer title, tags, and description for the same.

You will have to include specific information to ensure your website is well categorized. Select the right titles for your videos like keywords and material niche.

Make sure you tag your video with keywords relevant to it. Video summary would also help to clarify what the video is all about. YouTube would position you among those videos with similar descriptions

Share & send options for better Search Engine Ranking:

When you offer the viewers an option to share and send your videos, you are eventually making things easy for the followers who wish to share your videos with other mates.

This would help in increasing the viewership and the followers for your videos and channel. Your channel could experience increase in followers through the send and share option.


Optimizing your channel page:

One thing that most of the video bloggers ignore, is filling the details for YouTube channel page. When you optimize your page, you are actually letting the users segregate the videos from endless spam videos over YouTube.

The domain will be put ahead of all other websites and would therefore perform higher in rankings for search engines. You will need to create a profile picture and a background image to help the users understand your channel better.

Keep the definition concise and comprehensive so that the viewer can determine the quality of the video by simply looking at the definition.


Optimizing your video channel

Share URLs for your social media pages & websites:

You could benefit from using the link in the descriptions for your website , blog, or social media pages. The definition will be used on both your video and channel descriptions and the search engines will connect your channel to your company and website. This way, when a user searches for your brand via Google search, the result will be pages that are hosted by your web.

Share URLs for your social media pages & websites

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