In the world of SEO, the updates tend to cross your way without any prior notification. The day you build a grip over a particular update, the next moment a new update crosses your way, stating that there has to be some in the existing strategy. This eventually makes it difficult for the marketers to keep pace with the updates.

Other than asking for a lot of extra efforts, these updates eventually make it difficult to optimize a particular web page. This leads to countless questions such as whether social signals have weightage and if one should invest in pay-per-click advertising. If yes then what should be the budget?

To make things a little simpler, here is an infographic from JBH and Smart Insights. The infographic explains everything ranging from desktop versus mobile search to listing the factors that affect the overall search ranking. So, if you are looking forward to secure top spot over page one of Google’s search results, here is all that you need to consider.

Through the infographic, we will be covering all the major aspects such as:

  • The role and importance of search in driving traffic to website
  • Contrast between Branded and Unbranded website search
  • Contrast between Desktop and Mobile search
  • What are the important search ranking factors you should consider
  • Some instances of brands that are driving massive traffic through search
  • Contrast between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Mobile search


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