Tip to save two to three hours a week on Facebook

Did you know you can schedule future posts on Facebook? 

Well, you can and it’s a great tool for saving you valuable time organizing your busy social media calendars.




Here’s how you do it… write your post as usual but before you hit ‘Post’ click on the little clock icon bottom left of this screen below. Then select when you want to schedule it for and hit ‘Schedule’. Voila!

Tip: If adding a photo, upload it first and then set the future date. 



Your task for this week:  Sit down tonight and spend 10 minutes scheduling your weekly quota of posts, keeping true to a theme for each day. So Monday might be a question or poll, Tuesday is a funny image, Wednesday might be your publish a blog day, Thursday is to inspire and so on.

So, once that task is done, all you have to do now is check in every couple of days, reach out and comment with other peeps using your business profile and check to see if there are any messages or comments you need to respond to. It’s a total set and forget!