Keep yourself up-to-date with the new changes coming in the world of digital marketing with our weekly catch up blog. Here are some exciting updates to stay abreast with – Take a look at the improved Magento in its 2.3.4 version; Rolling back of deduplicating right sidebar featured snippet; The latest Google Search Console features in the new update and some fascinating digital marketing trends in 2023.

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Featured Snippet Update is Rolling Back
Within a week of the announcement, first on January 23 and then on January 29, Google has again decided to stop deduplicating the right-aligned featured snippet “for now.” In an earlier change, Google planned on showing only one URL from each site to eradicate the duplicacy. But now, it looks like we are going to witness the featured snippet in the organic listing as well for a while.

To learn more about this change, read-out our full article.

Newest Features Of Magento 2.3.4
Magento has come up with noticeable upgrades in its latest version 2.3.4 to enhance the online shopping experience for savvy shoppers. The new update includes enhanced page building features, page builder rendered in PWA studio, integration of Adobe stock, free chat assistance, and so much more.

Scan through our article to learn about the upgrades in detail.

Latest Additions in Google Search Console
Google is not resting anytime soon with its updates. The search engine company has promised a series of upgrades in its Search Console, announced on 25th January. For observant SEO experts, make sure you are well up-to-date with the Removals Tools. Now, you can remove specified URLs and snippets from Google Search. Another feature you will be seeing is – Remove Outdated Content tool and changes in SafeSearch Filtering.

To get full-explanation of the features, have a look at our article.

Digital Marketing Trends In 2023
In the dynamic digital marketing zone, the strategies that work today might not work tomorrow. To brace yourself for the upcoming trends, read on our 20 Shades of Digital Marketing in 2023 and get a thorough knowledge of the things to enhance your marketing skills. From social media stories to voice search, from influencer marketing to omnichannel marketing, we have covered up everything you need.

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