Discover crucial changes occurring on digital platforms with our weekly catch up blog. Here are some buzz creating stories that need to be kept an eye on- Google hitting the arena with a new featured snippet update; The downfall of to be witnessed soon; Identify the most prevailing strategies for backlinks in the year 2020 and an upsurging trend of video marketing.


1. Featured snippet update is rolling now

After the mega shock of 2020 Core Update on January 13, Google has come up with another major change as the featured snippet update; Google now only features one page from each website in the top search results, in an effort to “deduplicate” their search. The news was broken to the public by Danny Sullivan’s Twitter account on January 23.

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2. Sunsetting

Google has decided to terminate its and instead bring in, due to major popularity in users. From January 21 to April 6, the Search Console will send warning messages to the web pages utilizing, and if users still remain blind eye to it, then after April 6, their featured page will face the damage.

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3. Strategies to follow for Backlinks in 2020

Backlinks are known to bring juice to business. And make them thrive on getting better traffic on their sites, be it quality value over quantity value of backlinks or page strategies, get the most valuable insights with our catalogue that can do wonders for you in this year.

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4. Power of Video marketing in SEO

Wishing to roll out in the market and making impacts that counts? Then you can’t miss the next significant catalyst change in the digital world: Video marketing.  The new trend is blending with SEO and bringing on the table the promise of captivating user experience. Take a step in the right direction and plan your video campaign with our expert guidance.

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