What are Basic ‘Must Have’ Features for Every E-Commerce Websites

There are many online marketers are of the opinion that by simply featuring hundreds of products on their e-commerce website, they will attract huge traffic from search engines. Well, it is not that simple and reality is that it requires lots of efforts to design and develop a successful ecommerce website.

Developing an ecommerce website calls for lot of hard work and you need to pay attention to each and every detail and that too not just in its structure, but its entire in the design. Kinex Media, a leading website company that has designed and developed many effective and successful ecommerce Toronto websites is going to share with us useful information about essential features of an ecommerce site. Let us have a look:

Consider putting the following basic but essential features in your e-commerce website:

1. Make sure that you provide appropriate description about each product/ service offered by you through your website. One must use simple and easy to understand language and try to be as precise as possible. The most important point to keep in mind is never put duplicate content on your website. Your site can get penalized by search engines for adopting such bad practices.

Product Detail

2. Ensure your ecommerce site performs well when it comes to user-friendliness and ease of navigation. A Toronto website designer working on your ecommerce site must provide easy login and shopping cart options along with secure payment gateway. Login and log-out options must be clear and easy to locate so that users do not have to spend time to locate login or sign up buttons.

User Friendly Website

3. Another ‘must-have’ feature for your ecommerce site is a search bar on the top of the page across the entire website. Make sure that this function works and it is easy for the user to find any of your product or services featured on your site. If your users have to struggle to find anything, chances are higher that they will leave your website without making a purchase.

4. Put clear and high resolution pictures of the products your business offers on your website. They are a great way to attract users towards them and they can get tempted to buy the product.

Clear Image Optimization

5. Ecommerce website must be clutter-free. In other words, feature only those products which are available for sale. Keep it updated on regular basis and remove those products from the sale listing which are out of stock at the moment.

Keep Your Product Up To Date

6. Put direct contact information on your website to give it a personal touch. It will leave a positive effect on your customers. You can feature brief information about your business goals, your team and other business updates.

Ecommerce Toronto websites which have these features have shown better performance when it comes to customer retention and sales figures. So, focus on these parameters to ensure better outcomes from your ecommerce site.

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