What are the Best SEO practices to follow in 2014

There have been many updates/ changes in Google search algorithms during 2013 that have affected the websites -both the positively as well as negatively. With the major update by Google that is Hummingbird update, you need to revamp your SEO strategy so that it can successfully face the algorithm changes done by Google. Kinex Media, a leading and trusted web design Toronto firm discuses here some of the basic but important search engine optimization practices that will work in your favor in 2014. Let us take a look:

Recommended SEO Strategies For 2014

Concentrate on Semantics: The Hummingbird update by Google has been aimed at offering better user-experience by means of accurate, precise, relevant and faster search results. It is going to focus more on semantic search by providing relevant and other related useful information to ensure better conversational searches.

Therefore, you need to concentrate your all efforts on natural search queries along with long-tail keywords because searches will be more conversational in coming months.

High Quality and Structured Content

Despite all the updates or algorithm changes, one thing which is still the same is the fact that Content is the ruler. However, at the same it is also true that content needs to be of highest quality.

High Quality Content

Feature only the best quality, original and highly informative content that is meant for the end-users and not just for the search engines. The visitors to your site must get to access comprehensible and most accurate information from their searches.

Social Media Optimization & Marketing

Social networking sites and other social media channels have emerged as great networks through which you can reach out to your customers and potential customers in effective manner. It also offers you great opportunity to communicate directly with your targeted users. Well planned social media campaigns can help you generate greater website traffic for your website resulting in increased leads and thus more business.

Try to remain active on social media by building and maintain strong relationship with your fans or followers as it is a great way to leave a nice impression on them about your business or brand.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

These days’ mobile users are a great source to attract traffic to your site and no website can afford to ignore these users.

Therefore, you need to design mobile-friendly websites or optimize your existing site for mobile users.

Mobile Friendly Website

High Quality Links

Link building still plays an important role in improving your website rankings for different keywords. If you get high quality natural links, it will strengthen your search engine rankings.

High Quality Links

So, try to get quality linkbacks to your website from authority sites that are relevant to your industry and avoid getting links that are not related to your industry as they look unnatural and can negatively affect your website rankings.

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