What are the top Website Design trends to look out for in 2014

Website design techniques have been persistently evolving resulting in better user experience. There are various new techniques which are becoming popular in the area of website design, knowing about which can help you figure out which trends will be most suitable for your website revamping and reaching your potential customers. Let us take an insight look:

  • Responsive Website Design: The trend of having  responsive website design Toronto has certainly brought many positive changes as far as user experience is concerned. The approach behind developing responsive website design is providing best viewing experience to a user- that is simple navigation and convenient reading across different types of devices including desktops to mobile phones. Websites that are responsive in nature appear to be uniform and also function flawlessly across different devices irrespective of their screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Parallax Scrolling Website Design: Websites with parallax scrolling feature have become a part of mainstream website design. It is because parallax scrolling is a great way to make a website look more real and happening by adding depth to the images and text used. the main features of a website with parallax scrolling are dynamic images or animated graphics which begin to move as user scroll past them on a page.
  • Set Or Fixed Headers Website Design: One of the most followed website design trend these days is having a content-rich websites along with a set header bar at topmost position of a web page. A set header remains intact on a browser window and do not go away anywhere when a user scrolls down the page. The best part of this design method is that it provides users with an easy navigating path to go from one page to another within the website without the need of scrolling back to the top of the page.
  • Flat Website Design: A flat website design with simple user interface is among the key factors to have a successful website in 2014. You need to get rid of all those 3D images and special affects on your website that are not doing anything good for your website. So, go for a flat web design where web pages get loaded fast.

It is not necessary that what works best for others will work best for you. So, while choosing website design layout for your website, take into account your business’s ultimate aim, your website goal and other key factors to make the best choice.

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