Yeaa….Cyber Monday Is Here!! Are You Geared Up?

We expect the excitement levels must have reached to the top and why shouldn’t they be? After all it is Cyber Monday! It is one of those days in the calendar when even 24 hours of shopping falls short. While for shoppers, this day embarks super savings, the sellers love this day for the fact that they get to cash in lots of bucks.

Talking from the perspective of eCommerce retailers, we would like to emphasis over what the stats have been depicting. According to the 2014 surveys, the expected shoppers on this D-day are supposed to increase by 16%.

To make sure you are all geared up for cashing big revenues, we suggest you to have a look at the info graph created by Website Magazine and Radware. Have a look at it below and ask yourself ‘Am I geared up for Cyber Monday?’


cyber monday infograph
Source: Radware

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