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  • Problems In Google Shopping Ads?

    • Landing page optimization
    • Empty product categories
    • More clicks for negative keywords
    • Less relevant traffic
    • Poor performing creatives
    • Low click-through rates
    • Disapproved products
    • Poorly optimized titles & descriptions
    • Unstructured campaigns and ad group
    • Incorrect data in product feed
    Google Shopping Ads

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Shopping Ads

How Shopping Ads Work

Decide how and where to show your ads. The details contained in your product feed are used to match the user's search to the most relevant products in your inventory.

There are a number of places shopping ads can appear across the Google & Microsoft ecosystems, including Google & Microsoft search results and Shopping tabs, as well as Google Search Partner websites and the Display network.

Just like other ad formats, your shopping ads participate in an auction for each relevant search.

At SearchKings, we will help you optimize your product feed and bidding strategies (Including the latest in smart bidding and automation) to help you achieve the maximum return on ad spend.

Tested & Proven Google Shopping Ads Management Strategy

  • Product optimization
  • Opportunity Insights
  • Feed & Campaign Review
  • Tech Insights

Site Development

  • 01. Products page
  • 02. Product group page
  • 03. Predefined reports page
  • 04. Auctions insight report page

Prompt and Responsive

Product Page

Streamlined Checkout Process

Out-of-the-box streamline checkouts for Magento 2 configuration requires fewer steps and less information about the customer, resulting in a faster and smoother transition from cart to confirmation.

Enhanced Commerce Experiences

Magento 2 migration service architect architecture is flexible at 360 degrees and allows plugins to extend the system easily. Many of them do not need any coding skills to make amends, and that makes the transactional decision and returns easy to calculate.

Elastic Search

Magento 2, you can make any search on your website with this complete suite of Elasticsearch extensions. And enhance its relevant, speed and user-friendliness than the default search tools.

User Experience

Product Page

Dummy Manage your store, your way!

  • We bring to life a site that you will love.
  • We can help you boost conversions through personalization
  • Help you find data easily

We can help you automatically display products by price, color or utilize a manual approach as desired. Leverage the power of Magento Commerce (Adobe Commerce Cloud) to tailor your shoppers' experiences.

Store Fulfillment

Product Page

Dummy Personalize your customers’ journeys

  • We can help you tailor all experiences like buy online and pick up in store
  • Ship inventory at the right time and to the right store
  • Help you deliver personalized customer experiences

Offer the experience that your customers love and expect from you without investing a lot of time and money in it.

Integrated B2B

Product Page

Dummmy Operate on a single platform and serve Better.

  • We can help you unify your B2B business to your B2C business.
  • Assign custom catalogs and price lists
  • Maximize sales with a faster checkout process.

We shall help you cut out all unnecessary customer shopping steps to provide on-point experiences for customer retention.

Google Shopping Ads Management Services

  • Integration Across Your Marketing Platforms
  • Fully Optimized Feed Listings
  • Promote Your In-store Inventory Locally
  • Increase Your Reach Through Smart Shopping Campaign
  • List Your Products for Free On Google
  • Get Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Shoot Up Conversion Rates from Remarketing Audience
  • Measure Performance Across All Marketing Channels
  • Optimize Growth Of Your Online Ecommerce Business
Google Shopping Ads Services

What You Get With Our Comprehensive
Google Shopping Management Services

Optimize your Google Shopping spend with a professionally managed Google
Shopping Campaign Improving ROI & increasing online sales.

Google Shopping Management
Increase Visibility

Increase awareness of your products through Google Shopping Ads.

Increase Clicks

Display Google Shopping Ads on keywords that your Customers are searching.

Increase Website Revenue

Increase website sales through relevant ads that promote your great products.

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