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Your Law Firm Needs Digital Marketing

Why Your Law Firm Needs
Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, those law firms which do not rely on digital marketing plans are sure to lose their sales by up to 45%. A National Law Review survey found that 96% of people who need legal advice search online and only agree to hire a law firm if convinced with their online presence. Usually, law firms face difficulty in expanding their client base & building trust among people. These difficulties, if left unaddressed, eventually lead to a fall in revenue. Fortunately, digital marketing has the power to accomplish these goals.

Kinex Media's professionals have years of experience bringing excellence to 'law firm marketing'. They have diverse expertise that ensures complete success on such initiatives. We frame a customized digital marketing strategy as the goals & objectives of every firm are different. Whatever strategy we count on, we guarantee to increase your customer base and income. Furthermore, you will receive weekly and monthly reports on how your project is progressing. We'll appoint a professional project manager who will go above and beyond to ensure that your project ranks first, generates traffic and quality leads, and increases profits.

Digital Marketing Solutions For Law Firms!

Website Design

Having a website is particularly necessary for law firms. People seeking legal help tend to judge lawyers based on their websites. Thus Kinex Media crafts customized websites full of advanced-level functionality for lawyers & law firms. Our strategists design websites that give enough space to showcase your services, case studies & wins.

law Firms Web Design
Law Firms SEO Services

SEO Services

We offer a vast suite of SEO Services to Law Firms - On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO & Content SEO. Our experienced team of SEO executives leaves no stone unturned to make you - rank at #1 for every search term or Keyword & experience record breaking conversions.

PPC Management

To receive instant results, our PPC Campaigns are best to count on. Kinex Media's PPC executives leverage exceptional strategies to generate massive traffic & warm leads for your law firm.

Law Firms PPC Management
Law Firms Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Marketing provides a platform for you to discuss your accomplishments, wow others, and persuade people to choose you. We particularly focus on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter Marketing, as people seeking legal help and ready to pay you considerably, remain active on these platforms.

Rapidly Grow Your Law Business With SEO & Google Ads







Take Your Law Firm To Heights Of Success

Take Your Law Firm To Heights Of Success!

How long will your law firm be something ‘Just Like Others’? It is high time that you become ‘One of a kind’! In your journey to become ‘Extraordinary Legal Services Provider’, we are with you. From traffic generation to revenue growth, Kinex Media is ready to stay by your side. We’ll be more than glad to see you beating the competition & leading the law industry.

Together, we’ll gather clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not? Since the main aim of every business is to increase the client base & generate revenue, SEO mainly satisfies this purpose. Search Engine Optimization is one of the online marketing methods that are quintessentially better & profitable than manual marketing methods.
Our local SEO campaign for law firms will incorporate the following factors:
  • Mobile-First Website Design
  • Schema Addition to your website
  • Creation of Blog Post answering Legal Ques/ Ans
There are tons of reasons that verify ‘Kinex Media is better than other agencies’.
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to handle digital marketing tasks for your website.
  • We know what it takes to make a legal project rank at #1.
  • Our SEO & PPC strategy for every project is tailor made.
  • We have an in-house team that carries our Web Design, PPC & SEO tasks with expertise.
  • We offer complaint-free & transparent services to our clients.
  • Last but not the least, We deliver what we commit!
Since the nature of each project is unique, we can't anticipate how much time your project requires to deliver the required outcomes. Moreover, specifications, goals & objectives, and requirements will be the primary decisive elements.
We deliver reports on a weekly & monthly basis. The reports provide the clients with thorough insights into how their project is progressing & which efforts are we leveraging at it.
Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation call. We'll learn about your company & goals and then provide you with a free quotation to get started.

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