Ways to have consistency in Web Design


In this technophillic world where things are easily available at a single click. Millions of people browse the web and experiences dozens of websites that all have different styles but have almost similar features. Today so many designers are focusing on attracting the viewers but they are not much focusing on page headers, navigation menus and the lists seems endless.

This is something that helps the designers to create some effective systems. Every time the designers sit they prepare something new with more creative skills. Designing consistency is very vital, even though thinking it for first sounds really uninteresting. But designing with consistency will help to create the interfaces that experiences typical new user behavior.

Provide a clear vision

Every user who is going through any website wants the website to preview a clear version. It includes the display of the website should be in such a way that everything is giving a clear view to the users from first page to loading last page.

Try not to clutter the things and make it very heavy website. It can be very confusing to the viewers. Provide the details in a fixed pattern; adhere to guidelines every time you make any changes. Users while going through any website they don’t want to think all they want to do is act and get the fruitful results.

Question yourself while designing can help you to have good results. What things the users always look for? Think before and then proceed with the final processing of your web designing.

Consistent layout designs

Make some set of rules on which your website will work. Try to make some structure so that the team can work perfectly on the set structure. New users will always look for the features where as the existing users will always look for some new extensions or get some support.

Consistency in layout design is to re-use the similar elements throughout the page, but graphics and content can be altered. Always try to consider the different elements throughout the website or application.

Constant Branding

Web branding is not a simple identity rather it’s a depth topic. Color, images, features, logos, typefaces, text and other things play a vital role. Many designers simply ignore these things and think that changing text and text style on the similar page will not affect the branding but this matters a lot.

Innate Navigation

Your website header plays a vital role in making the user understand what the website is about. A well designed webpage with navigation is not all you need to work in a better way to make your users aware about what’s actually is there on your site.

For having larger nav menus you might have to add sub-menus or links in a larger list so present the website with good sub links. The consistency in blogs and big sites are very important. As users get familiar with these links so it becomes easy for them to browse the content.

Summing up

Every project should have different consistency guidelines. Make your designing in such a way that your website show consistency when users browse it. Both internal and external consistency matters a lot so try to make it look appealing both internally and externally.

Every user wants consistency in website so in order to hold them and don’t let them shift to other website stick to consistency. At times if you feel like now your website needs little changes that are acceptable so you can go ahead with that.

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