Web Design Tips To Enhance UX In 2017


User Experience is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to a successful online business. The way users are able to use your business website and the ease with which they are able to perform desired tasks, is what defines their experience. So you need to make sure that they love using your website. This can be done by reducing their input, uploading engaging content and saving their time greatly. So to help you design the perfect UX,

Here we will have a look at the top web design tips that can make the process far easier for you.

1. Save User’s Time

One of the best aspects of a successful website design is how easily & swiftly customers are able to use your website. So you need to make sure the UX is design in the simplest way with easy navigation, which allows the users to easily perform their desired tasks easily. This can be done in many more ways like, providing support through chat bots & artificial intelligence. The more your website saves time of customers, more they will come to your website again.

2. Personalize

Personalization has taken the user experience to a whole other level as earlier users needed to go through a long list of products to find the most desired ones. But with personalization, users are mostly shown products related to their previous search history & product views. This helps in not only enhancing the user experience but also in improving conversion rate and business sales. If users will find the most desired products easily, they will surely be visiting your website again while acting as leads also.

3. Transparent Pre-Loaded Screens

There can be instances where your website may load slow due to high quality graphics or immense traffic. In such cases, you need to keep the customers engaged and make the loading screen better for them by providing them with transparent loading screens that show a skeleton of what they are about to see. This is far better than blank screens as users keep guessing here rather than watching a totally blank screen.

4. Animated CTAs

CTAs or Call To Actions are very essential for any website today as you can’t communicate with your customers directly and you need to have something that does the work for you. CTAs help in compelling the customers to take profitable actions for your business. But you need to shift your focus from boring buttons to animated buttons now as these are better at catching attention than the former ones.

5. Don’t Demonstrate But Convince Through Videos

Videos have proven to be the most effective ways of business promotion in past few years. This still continues but now the focus needs to be on convincing videos that compel customers to take profitable actions rather than on demonstrative videos that explain how the products work.

So, these were the top UX trends & tips that can help you create the perfect business website design in 2017.

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