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Kinex Media is a hub of all-inclusive web development & digital marketing solutions that delivers promising outcomes. We strive hard to frame tailor-made strategies that work wonders for the success of your business.

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    “beautiful done website by web designers”

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About Kinex!

Kinex is a reputed brand in the digital marketing & web development world!




In 2008, Mississauga witnessed an era-transformative event - The establishment of Kinex Media. We were a startup company co-founded by Mr. Amir Waheed & Karan Sharma. In our early years, we were not concerned about profit-gaining; instead, we aimed at exploring the industry & researching the challenges which might come a long way. With God's grace & team's united efforts, there has been no such challenge that we can't rid off to date.

Let's jump to 2022 - Today, Kinex Media is a brand in the web design & digital marketing industry. We are handling 300+ projects. We have an expert team of 100 members having experience & expertise in different niches. Our primary focus is always to deliver results that bring profits & make the client's website appear trustworthy in SERP.

Because of our quality services, we have never experienced client churn. We have been in long-business-terms with almost all the clients. We feel proud to mention that we have worked with the top brands mentioned in the Fortune-500 list.




For employees, Kinex is a Family. Our workplace culture is more than just 'Work, Work, Work.' Our co-founders believe, ' A work culture without fun & light atmosphere can't bring out the required productivity.' For this, our HR Department continually strives to make the office atmosphere lively.

Be it a small or big occasion, we host it with full enthusiasm and ensure 100% participation of all the employees. Apart from that, an annual function is also organized to award the company's best talents.

Apart from that, Kinexians believe in doing good deeds altogether. We support a vast number of nonprofit & charitable organizations by helping them build fundraising websites at minimal cost without compromising the quality standards.




Kinex Media started with a team of 10 members. Now it has grown to 100 & still counting. We have dedicated teams for all the projects we handle: a project manager, web designer, web developer, content writers, graphic designers & PPC executives.

We are gradually nearing our goal - 'Becoming The Best Web Development & Digital Marketing Company in North America'.

Co-founders Karan Sharma & Amir Waheed feel gratified to have such a brilliant team of gems that leverage painstaking efforts in all projects. Whether a startup or an already established company, we always craft the best strategy that brings record-breaking results. We mention it several times because we are proud of such an attitude - 'Kinexians never run late against deadlines. They deliver the project before the quoted time. They don't care whether the office hours are over or if it is a weekend.'

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Why Choose Us?

There couldn't be any better reason for choosing us than 'Kinex is a leading brand’ which is gradually outranking its competition in the league of delivering quality results.'


Tailor-Made Strategies

We serve clients belonging to all industries; thus, one strategy can't do them with all. Our experts always think of the innovative strategies that put forth brilliant results in traffic, leads, revenue, authority building & praiseworthy user experience.



We make the Impossible - Possible

Creativity aims to find a unique way of doing things that nobody can think of. Our HR department takes a Creativity test for people applying for a vacancy in these departments - Web Design, Web Development, SEO Team, Content, Graphic Designing - to ensure Kinex Media hires the best talents that help it stay ahead of the competition.


Technology Driven

Kinexians are Tech-experts!

Our professionals leverage their technical knowledge in the projects to ‘Analyze the progress, weaknesses & strengths’, ‘Get rid of technical glitches’ and ‘Generate the possibilities of doing things in amazingly better ways’. This is our secret to delivering complaint-free services.



We Love What We Do!

We handle all our projects with the labor of love. We give our heart & soul to the projects. Once we commit with set goals & dedication, neither nights nor exhaustion can serve as a boundary. CEO Karan Sharma is often astonished to hear the tales of the passion and commitment of its team members. Everybody loves holidays and weekends, but the Kinex Media team works overtime and even on weekends to hear those three words from clients, "You Did It!".



We are not a Team; we are a Family!

Kinex Media is a company for clients & the audience, but employees working in it call it 'Kinex Family'. Co-founder Amir Waheed says, "When you work as a team, one of you may become greedy of getting credit for doing things, but when you work as a family, you always aim for a mutual win. You never want to rise high by harming others' work reputations. I want such an attitude in Kinex Media.” Such mutual efforts bring the best in everything & reduce the chances of errors.


Trust Building

Long-Business-Terms with Clients!

We never measure our earnings in the form of money. The trust, reputation & appreciation we have gained from international award communities & particularly from our clients, is our actual earning. In that way, we have earned a lot. We are proud to mention that “The clients we shook hands with in 2008 are still working with us.”

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