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We develop cardinal and appealing websites that develop higher brand engagement, more advanced conversions, and measurable results.

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    “beautiful done website by web designers”

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Web Design Case Studies

We analyze website design from a creative and logical perspective. Every website we develop, its fundamental elements and features should not only be stunning it should also have an objective. Have a glance how our results-driven approach to creative and responsive design has modified the brands online.

  • catelli

    A robust website for Canada’s most reputed CPG brand, with an elegant design that makes it easy for everyone to love pasta.

    • 325% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 40% Decrease in Bounce Rate
    • 287% Increase in Online Conversions
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  • staples

    We are thrilled to help Staples redesign their website to entice a wide range of audiences.

    • 220% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 30% Decrease in Bounce Rate
    • 57% Increase in Online Conversions
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  • aimtom

    A cuttin-edge website for the industry leader in portable power solutions, fully equipped with e-commerce capabilities.

    • 120% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 30% Decrease in Bounce Rate
    • 147% Increase in Online Conversions
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The Steps We Take to Wow Your Visitors
Every Time They Hit Your Website

We reckon that for the success of any business, a logical approach is a key solution. We follow an efficient & result-driven approach to take your business on the path of success.

Discover & Strategize

Discover & Strategize

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”- Michelangelo

At Kinex Media, we are confident that to attain the eventual objective, we first have to discover the path that leads to it. The foremost step of our process wheel is to determine even the microscopic details about your business that can be used to construct the road to success for your business. Our team at Kinex Media follows a proper methodology and make sure that each and every step is followed very conscientiously. We try to have an in-depth exploration of our client’s business like the specific reason for creating the website, expectations, ultimate purpose, and target audience. It is very important for us to know about your rivals, their websites, and the whole budget plan. These infinitesimal details regarding your business help us in creating the fantabulous strategy to assure you of your business’s success.


The Master Plan

The Master Plan

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time”.

We are the ultimate planners. At Kinex Media, our professional team knows that the perfect execution of a master plan never fails. We try to have an in-depth research about your mental image regarding the website and then we totally absorb the plan as we understand the value of time. The planning phase covers many things like sketching wireframes, content sketches, the creation of the graphical structure of the website, flowcharts of websites. This phase incorporates in us the way to initiate the work of website, its content management as well as the hyper-linking.


The Website Design

The Website Design

“Good Design follows, Great Design is followed.”

We are the ultimate planners. At Kinex Media, our professional team knows that the perfect execution of a master plan never fails. We try to have an in-depth research about your mental image regarding the website and then we totally absorb the plan as we understand the value of time. The planning phase covers many things like sketching wireframes, content sketches, the creation of the graphical structure of the website, flowcharts of websites. This phase incorporates in us the way to initiate the work of website, its content management as well as the hyper-linking.


The Development Phase

The Development Phase

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.”

We are the planners and we are the designers. Our most reputed team of Toronto who is having a master experience in developing the best websites develop the ideal and flawless dream projects for their clients. They push them above their limits and make use of their skills in an efficient manner. The cutting-edge technology along with innovative techniques helps us to accomplish our tasks in a proper manner. After the designing phase is completed, our highly skilled content writers start filling out the design of web pages by addition of fresh content and refining the old content. Updating new and fresh videos, slideshows and all other media makes the website look enchanting. After that, a prototype of a website is developed which is tried-and-true on all major web browsers and gets approved by you before its official launch.


Launch & Optimize

Launch & Optimize

“You launch a site, and you see what works, and you continue to make it better”.-Chad Hurley

The approval of the prototype by you and your experts is really important for us and after that, the website is ready to be absorbed by the search engines. Our content developer team makes sure that the content is unique and it is checked a couple of times to make sure that there are no errors of grammar, spellings, punctuation etc. We also take responsibility for the Google analytics & search engine ranking from the day one. The functioning of all the websites is thoroughly tested by our best in class experts. Kinex Media Team in Toronto assures you of the ultimate websites which lead to a direct road between your company and its growth.


Online Promotion

Online Promotion

"Ignoring promotion is like opening a business but not telling anyone”.

Our best in the industry digital marketing experts make sure that online marketing of your website is done in an appropriate manner. At Kinex Media, we make sure that our services don’t end after the launch of your website. We have the world-class team of best SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC and Email marketing experts with innumerable years of experience. Here at Kinex media, we have a proper investigating team who examine thoroughly about the work and embrace the premier digital strategies to help your business spark in today’s rigorous competition. Our prime belief is that the success of your company is the success of ours too.

  • Discover & Strategize
  • The Master Plan
  • The Website Design
  • The Development Phase
  • Launch & Optimize
  • Online Promotion

Things Keep You Ahead Competition

How to Increase Involvement Through Your Website Design

  • 01. Engaging Content
  • 02. Rich Media
  • 03. Effectual Call-To-Actions
  • 04. Edifying Blog
  • 05. Consolidating Social Media
  • 06. Specific Design for Audience
  • 07. Mobile - An Essential Approach
  • 08. Appropriate Functionality and Speed

Engaging Content

The imperative thing about the website content is that its quality matters. Quantity plays no role when one is looking for the most appropriate content. Content needs to be compelling and highly efficient. The content that is highly appealing and enchanting and is in accordance with your industry can help boost your business.

Our Content Developers make sure that the content is thoroughly planned and written in a unique and creative manner. It is proven fact that more the significant content is more it will make the website appealing and eye-catching. The content is the foremost factor which can make your website to rank higher in the search engines and bring ample of traffic to your business website. Kinex Media has a team which is highly professional, dedicated and hardworking so as to guide you proper ways to boost your business and how you can market in the best ways possible.

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Rich Media

It is simple to persuade someone of a fact if you show them then if you just explain it. The visual elements in your content are believed to be more beneficial and produce profitable results for your business. The customers are more inclined towards reading visual content which includes pictures, videos and infographics as it conveys everything in a more appropriate manner.

According to a recent analysis, the visual content is more convenient and gives the best results for your business. Visual Content adds a feather to the cap as it can be shared through various digital platforms. We are conscious of what kind of media can attract more customers.

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Effectual Call-To-Actions

To boost up the business sales effectively, one needs a captivating call-to-action button. CTA buttons enlarge the user’s interest and persuade them to make an action. These buttons allow the customers to make a purchase rather than leaving the cart and switching on to another website.

The top CTA button includes many features like being clear and breviloquent. They include aspects like showing urgency, giving customers the feature to click on it, effective sizing both for desktops & mobile screens and the color of the button and placing it at the right place. One of the positive features of powerful CTA buttons is that they are easy to find. The most important thing to keep in mind is placing these buttons at the appropriate places and our experts make sure that. Our best team in Toronto creates the most alluring and enchanting websites so as to enhance the business sales.

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Edifying Blog

The blog is an effective way to communicate with your customers directly. It is an effective mechanism to transmit the effective information and stay connected with your potential customers.

Blogging these days persuades the customers and creates a discussion about your brand. It is a superlative way to increase traffic towards your website and helps in supporting your social media initiatives. In this contemporary world, to establish yourself as a big brand, blogging is essential. Our creative and outstanding Content Writers help your business escalate and achieve the path to success by writing highly engaging and appealing content. Effective Content helps in building the brand image and increase engagement rate.

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Consolidating Social Media

As per a famous saying, “Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people. This era demands good social media platforms for the effective branding of your business. Social Media is one of the surpassing platforms to promote your online business which further amplify the customer’s engagement and conversion rate. The number of users for social media has increased to a much high level around the globe which makes it an important element of the online business. To stay connected with our customers, have an in-depth knowledge of their needs and to contrive your business potential accordingly social media is a great platform. Our social media executives and marketing experts can help in developing a robust social presence for your business and further offering highly respective and an enchanting user’s experience on all major social channels.

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Specific Design for Audience

In this cut-throat competition, it is mandatory to have a perfect and flawless website design which is created in accordance with the audience’s taste. Our highly efficient design team focuses more on the audience needs and expectations rather than their own methods. A perfect website design clearly depicts the image of your business, its vision and ideas to the online audience.

A perfectly designed website can easily sketch the superiority of your brand and benefits you by engaging many new customers and further increasing the productivity of your business. It helps you stand tall in this world full of rigorous competition. We are a globally recognized and a leading brand which is the leading provider of the best website designs in the world. Doing an effective research and meeting the expectations of the target audience is what we follow to design an eye-catching and powerful web-design for higher user engagement.

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Mobile - An Essential Approach

With the advancements in technology and innovative techniques, there is hardly a person who doesn’t have a smart phone these days. It is seen that the use of mobile internet users is much superior to the desktop internet users.

Hence, it is mandatory to keep your business website highly responsive for an enchanting experience to web users. A business website is a foremost key to the effective advertisement of your business and allows the effective communication of the most appropriate information to the users. A robust website will enhance the user experience as it will provide the same performance and functionality on devices of all screen sizes. Our web designer team shows immense dedication and assures you with the most awe-inspiring and eye-catching design regardless of the screen size while increasing the traffic and conversion rate.

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Appropriate Functionality and Speed

If your website doesn’t run at a good speed, all other efforts will go in vain. Ensuring a proper speed and appropriate functionality of your business website is really imperative. If it is taking a lot of time to load or open, then the chances of the user leaving your page are much greater.

Hence, the foremost approach is to create a website that is powerful and must operate at a lightning fast speed for the most optimal user experience. What matters to the user, also is important for Google. Hence it is the attitude of the customer towards your website which affects your whole search engine process. At Kinex Media, we design the flawless and perfect digitally innovative and SEO friendly website with the cutting-edge technology that helps in engaging maximum user and drives a boost in the business sales.

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Before & After Website Designs

Kings Court















Cargo Cabbie





Miskas Wood










Home Reno





  • Kings Court
  • Catellie
  • CommFirst
  • Cargo Cabbie
  • Miskas Wood
  • Home Reno

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Modern web designing cost varies greatly, it differs from project to project. The complexity, customization, type, features, integrations, and maintenance may increase the web design's initial cost. Please get in touch with us to get an actual quote.
There is no specific time for accomplishing a website construction task, but it all depends on the hired agency's reliability and competence. Some website projects may require 11 weeks, and others for up to 9 months or more.
Yes, your website design will be search engine friendly to even cater to user experience. As digital experts, we ensure that the site's information architecture (IA), URL structure, and navigation are excellently aligned for indexation.
Absolutely yes! We have worked on various projects ranging from web design to eCommerce development, which we are proud to display. You can check out our previous work on the website or get in touch with us.
Certainly yes! We redesign existing web designs or structures and offer a tune-up that addresses several goals like conversion rates, revenue, and user experience.