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We are one of the renowned brands in this industry for over 8 years. We are blessed to deliver successful e-commerce solutions for various industries including B2B and B2C customers. At Kinex Media, you will find everything you need to succeed in your business including the talented and leading experts, cutting-edge technology, certified e-commerce developers and digital marketing strategists

Our Services

eCommerce Development

    Our highly experienced team creates the most outstanding, device-responsive and fully functioning e-commerce theme that assures a marvelous design. Our e-commerce website design team is having many years of experience and promises you with an alluring website that can bring a positive transformation in the business and boost your sales.


    E-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify Plus have innumerable features like built-in SEO tools, cross-browser support, and much more to meet the business requirements in an effective and different manner. Our e-commerce developer team in Toronto is highly skilled in this field and develops the A-one e-commerce websites that are in accordance with the customer’s expectations and requirements.


    We are renowned and highly acclaimed brand with a powerful target towards 3rd-party integrations. Customer support is our top priority and we assist the client to integrate solutions including an operational system like ERP, CRM, and Accounting, order management, shipping management and fulfillment centers.


    Our customer support executive team is highly efficient and dedicated to providing on-time service. Their service is expeditious and works in a fast manner to resolve the various problems and fixing issues like visual, troubleshooting and fixing bugs, and fresh upgrades to survive in cut-throat competition.

E-Commerce features

eCommerce design

Together with our clients, we create user experiences that enhance the brand and convert shoppers into customers. Our creative ecommerce website design team goes beyond its imagination to create customer-centric custom design, capturing business’s essence and vision that's akin to the business goals. Our device-optimized web design display elegantly across smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Product Management

Consumers spend more time researching for the products before making the decision to purchase online. This makes quality product information on your eCommerce store more important than ever. An easy to use product management tool helps manage your product data and categories quickly and easily which enhance customer’s experience, hence boosting the efficiency of your eCommerce operations.

Customer Management

It’s imperative to gain a full understanding of your customers’ behaviour and preferences for growing your business. A detailed 360-degree view of each customer allows you to take important decisions and deliver personalized customer experience. This provide an engaging shopping experience and build customer loyalty with your brand.

Order Management

A powerful Order Management tool coordinates your customers’ experience across all sales channels. It manages and automates the order lifecycle to ensure your orders are completed successfully which includes capturing order and validation, order shipment and confirmation, customer communications and settlements. It ensures swift and smooth order management which increases customers satisfaction.

Inventory Management

Managing stock is all about having the right inventory in accordance with the right quantity, place, time and cost. With the comprehensive inventory reports, an effective supply chain is ensured, a low stock notification is updated and a handful time is too saved in managing inventory and warehouses at multiple locations. With the objective of uninterrupted order management, Inventory Management provides customer-service levels at a considerable low cost.

Marketing & Promotions

E-commerce marketing is one of the most powerful tactic to persuade the online shoppers to a website and sway them to make purchases. As internet-savvy shoppers are more fascinated towards exploring an eCommerce market campaign, hence eCommerce marketing and promotions are of vital importance. A strategic E-commerce marketing blueprint underlines the key features such as coupons & discounts, abandoned cart campaigns, loyalty programs, cross-sells and up-sells, post-purchase surveys, helpful towards engaging and influencing visitors to transact on a grand-scale.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a designed methodology that scrutinises the data driven customer survey and the competitor research for earning a definite traffic towards the website and help in climbing the next step towards the niche. With 250 million of websites on web, SEO makes you stand out. Right keywords and well-structured crafted content ensures a significant improvement in your search engine placement/ranking and yield a better return on investment.

Analytics & Reporting

Analyzing the behavior of your online visitors and scaling it with every possibility are essential ingredients for growth of an online business. The dynamic eCommerce environment adds up the necessity to monitor and measure the traffic, page views, conversion rate and goals in order to maximise the progress. Probing the insights available and tracking the pattern, helps effectively in achieving the business targets.

B2B and B2C E-Commerce

Kinex Media endeavors to deliver a fully furnished and consolidated platform to fulfill the needs of all sectors like Business to Business and Business to Consumer. We follow a condensed, integrated, flexible, and expeditious approach which will further assist you to emerge as a successful “e-tailers.” We have a strong back of industry’s leading experts and digital marketing specialists which will help your venture to grow.

eCommerce Solutions Toronto
ecommerce development toronto

Omni channel Solution for Connected Customers

Omni channel is a cross-channel business model that is used by the companies to improvise their client’s experience. Omni-Channel focuses on customer satisfaction and positions the customer at the center of attention. The intention of many retailers is to unify all the e-commerce channels with the rest of business operations to provide their customer with the world-class experience. Magento has excellent features that provide the competence to deliver coherent experience across all channels while factoring in different devices which are used by customers to interact with your business.
Our highly experienced and dedicated team continues to analyze and innovate on different processes like Loyalty programs, multi-channel POS, personalized promotions as well as complex supply chain process across all channels.

E-Commerce Consultants

Kinex Media is on the exclusive lists of world-class e-commerce consultants in Toronto. They are devoted and enthusiastic about improving conversion rates, avoiding cart abandonments and creating transcendent user experience through rapid loading sites. We build successful memories using detailed knowledge of core platforms, data structure principles, and the cutting-edge technology for the amazing results.

ecommerce consultants toronto

Canada’s Most Trusted E-commerce Company

We work to build loyal relationships rather than just building e-commerce websites & it is because of your immense faith and confidence in us that we have become Canada’s most trusted E-commerce development company. We have merged with more than 500+ businesses and helped them expand at an international level with our highly productive E-commerce website designs, dedicated Toronto team, and world-class online marketing strategies. Over the years we have established ourselves as a highly acclaimed brand. We create incredible and stunning E-Commerce websites by integrating the updated technologies with unstoppable plans of our e-commerce solution experts. We try to have an in-depth research about your business so that we can understand your goals, expectations, and requirements. We try to evaluate your competitors and their strong points, which helps our expert team to develop the perfect online e-commerce sites. Our digital marketing team follows the most productive advertising tactics that will prove the mesmerizing and outstanding result for your business.

Our People

Our People

We are a dedicated and talented team of e-commerce website designers, certified e-commerce developers, digital strategists, e-commerce consultants, project managers who are best at providing quality services.


Our Results

We are goal oriented, developing rapidly and devoted to providing the best results. We have an immaculate track record to boost the different businesses and help the sales to propagate in this virtual world.

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Our Transparency

We follow a very transparent approach with our clients. Open communication, networking, and alliance keep you informed of advancement, possible solutions, and potential problems during the project’s life cycle.