The number of customers shopping over smartphones and tablets has increased drastically. However, the stats are still low. To roll over the stats of people buying over mobile and related devices, your site must deliver the right vibes to the users. While holding their tab or mobile, thoughts such as ‘wish there could be a mouse,’ should not cross the user’s mind. And this is possible when you optimize the user experience for mobiles.

Here are the top three tips for improving the user experience while leading to high conversions.

  1. Keep It Quick & Smart

Quick browsing is something that every shopper expects while shopping. People consider the smartphone as an escape from the boredom caused in between meetings while travelling or while waiting for their turn to come to a clinic. People utilize this time for reviewing emails, surfing social media sites, and of course, browsing deals over shopping portals.

In maximum cases, people who are visiting the mobile site for merely killing time, prefer going through the reviews and referrals rather than buying anything. For such stances, what could lead to conversions is delivering a shopper experience tailored to grab the attention of people on the go.
Slow Browsing Speed


You can grab attention by keeping the product images as large as possible, incorporating in-line zoom and spin features and allowing navigating the products through gestures such as “swipe. To add to the user experience, you will need to keep “save” or “add to cart” button visible over the screen, so that the customers can save their favorite items for later purchase. Hence, making your browsing experience quick and smart.

  1. Provide Detailed Product Description

Most of the users who are navigating the site through a tablet or laptop are relaxing over the couch while looking for something that might hitch them. It has been evaluated through surveys that the traffic from tablets is steadily increasing. The user engagement on tablets is following the footsteps of laptops and desktops. That is why the marketers should understand how to alter the experience for tablets so that it comes close to laptops. You can get customer’s attention through the large screen for showing a video gallery or say a detailed view of the product.

Product Description

You can make the experience more engaging through the use of features such as 360-degree spin and zoom. It could be helpful when the customers have saved a product and want to review it later for more details. You can add a video explaining the features of the selected product. It is best for all those tablet users who are looking for that extra edge.

  1. Gear Up for Future Trends

Considering the competition existing in terms of responsive design, developers have managed to come up with innovative features such as using the smartphone for scanning barcodes, looking up reviews or comparing prices while shopping.
Keep Your Eye On Future Trend

Try to incorporate the features that shoppers expect from online shopping. Make sure that you display targeted offers such as related or recommended products so that the purchase could be completed. Provide product recommendations from the inventory and based upon the shopping history of visitors. Come out with something breakthroughs such as an app that lets you know about the products in the store that were scanned and the offers that the shopper is viewing. This way, you can assist the shopper in finding related items.

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