Secure Password Generator


Length = 20 chars,   Charset size = 95 symbols,   Entropy = 131.4 bits

Entropy sources:
Math.random() (low security)
crypto.getRandomValues() (high security)

What is a password?

Passwords are like lock pads to your digital assets; it safeguards you from unwanted entry, limiting access of information for authorized parties only.

They are a very common occurrence in the digital society, but still, passwords are generally not well thought of and are just made up of a random collection of words, numeric etc.

It’s a fact that the password is of no use until strong enough to defend threats.

Therefore, the need for getting the most secure but genuine password had given rise to various automated password generator tools. Some of the following options are listed below:

1. Lastpass password generator
2. Norton password generator
3. Xkcd password
4. Google password

Why we need strong passwords?

A password is a secret word or string consisting of various characters, numbers, and symbols to allow electronic authorization. With the increasing number of websites and the data, it stores, passwords became popular.

Some websites are user-interaction focused, and users are able to publish their own content. Generally, website owners need to know who those publishers are to prevent spam and boost personal security.

Once people create online accounts, they typically have to fill in at least two fields-username or name and password. The person can access the site at a later time with this password, without having to register again.

Why this password generator?

For purposes of Secure password generator is for security on the internet, we developed a genuine random password generator, which generates totally random passwords. We don’t save IP addresses or use already generated passwords, so you can feel totally safe on our site.

We are very flexible in terms of being:

• alphanumeric password generator
• multiple password generator
• memorable password generator
• random passphrase generator
• alphanumeric characters password generator
• 16 digit random password generator etc.

Our flexible features are what make us apart from other Random Password generators.

Qualities of a strong password generator

Strong passwords are long at six characters minimum, and they include mixed case letters (upper case, lower case), numbers, and even additional security symbols.

They ask you to double sure your password and make multiple authentication processes to safeguard users.

It may be comfortable to have easy to remember passwords, but that doesn’t mean it is secure.

Few Tips to save your passwords from being hacked:

1. Each time use unique password and security questions for your confidential accounts.
2. Use password with 16 characters’ length, which must include numbers, spaces, uppercase letters, lowercase letter and special symbols. Password should be combination of all.
3. Avoid using the names of your family members in your passwords. They are easy to crack.
4. Do not use dictionary words in your passwords.
5. Never let your we browsers (such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) store your strong passwords.
6. Do not log in to personal accounts from others PC’s, you never know what’s going at the backend.
7. We recommend you to change your passwords regularly after few days.
8. Turn on 2-step authentication to make your accounts more secure.
9. Never store your critical passwords on cloud.
10. Always use firewall and antivirus protection for your computer, block all the unnecessary incoming and outgoing connections.
11. Keep the operating systems and browsers up-to date by installing latest security update.
12. Always lock your computer and mobile before leaving.
13. Never share your passwords with anyone through emails.
14. Be careful when using any 3rd party tools, donot let them save your passwords.
15. If an online store asks you to make payment, make use of virtual credit card.

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