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We create bespoke website designs that demonstrate your educational institute (daycare, school, university etc.) in the online world. Our approach to build student-centered websites always impresses the clients.

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Vocam Education Web Design Banner by Kinex Media

‘A-Grade’ Education Web Design Services

Now is the era of ‘Online Education’. Therefore it is a must for all educational institutions to have a website that pushes their online presence. Having a website is beneficial from the students’ point of view and from that of teachers as well. Moreover, it is the predominant source of brand awareness & the best way to promote the online & in-school courses.

Since we know students consider studying from different devices (Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops & Tablets) and different OS, it becomes even more essential for us to bring responsiveness & cross browser compatibility. Kinex Media has a dedicated team of experienced professionals to handle the clients with educational niches; as we know, we don’t have the liberty to make even 0.001% mistakes.

Featured Web Design Projects

We constantly upgrade our skills to bring your website into the limelight by creating the most interactive interfaces.

  • Vocam Logo Designed by Kinex Media

    We designed and built a user-friendly education website for Vocam, an Ontario-e-learning Center.

    • 400% Increase in Sales
    • 150% Overall Revenue Growth
    • 200% Increase in Traffic
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    Vocam Education Website Developed by Kinex Media
  • Alphabee Logo Designed by Kinex Media

    We combined our development skills and crafted a beautifully designed website for AlphaBee.

    • 268% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 57% Increase in Conversion
    • 400% Increase in Online Sales
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    Alpha bee Education Website Developed by Kinex Media
  • Exceed Robotics Logo Designed by Kinex Media Education Web Design Firm

    Exceed Robotics, had their website designed and developed by Kinex Media.

    • 300% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 250% Increase in Total Revenue
    • 120% Increase in Web Traffic
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    Exceed Robotics Website Developed By Kinex Media Web Design Company

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Designing for Education Institutes & Programs

Custom Design & Development

Custom Design & Development

All fingers are not the same; so is the nature of the educational services provided by the academic organizations. Consequently, the websites need to be custom-built as far as the design & functionality are concerned. Kinex Media has served numerous educational clients belonging to different categories: colleges, schools, playways, kindergartens, high schools, and particular academic institutes like coding or math/science teaching institutes. We know the type & intensity of the variation that a client may want.

Our team comprises UI/UX designers, web developers, content writers, and graphic designers to provide best-in-class educational services. They use technologies that are tested & proven to bring forward positive results.

Custom Design and Development by Kinex Media

Responsive Element

Responsive Element

Students make use of the different devices to study: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops & Desktops. Our end goal is to facilitate the users with the optimized browsing experience. Besides, mobile responsiveness is important to target the highest possible ranking. No matter, for what purpose have you built the website: informational purposes, student & teacher interactions, registration or the online classes, we have right strategic approaches to bring about responsiveness.

Responsive Design for Perfect Education Website

Digital Experience

Digital Experience

The prerequisite of a flawless & streamlined educational website is the digital experience. To incorporate that, it is needed to study the targeted audience briefly. Moreover, to craft a top-flight digital experience, we usually need to have a deep understanding of the nature of the client's business and the expectations of the client about the project. A good user User-Experience requires a strong & triggering CTA, catchy visual elements & smooth navigation. Apart from that, we can't overlook the importance of good content.

Digital Experience by Kinex Media

Logo Design

Logo Design

Your digital impression gets powered up with several features; the most predominant among them is LOGO. It is the symbol of your brand identity. The logo is supposed to significantly impact credibility from a psychological point of view. A great logo design has the power to win the hearts & trust of the targeted audience. Since we know the importance of good logo design for your business, we promise to craft a stupendously tiny masterpiece for you. Kinex Media has worked with 1000+ clients, and thus we know which colors & elements benefit the clients.

Logo Design Service For Website Startup Projects

Online Promotion

Online Promotion

Our work does not end with merely designing a website; rather, it is also our responsibility to make your website rank on the 1st page of SERP with the help of digital marketing. The sphere of digital marketing services is vast, and thus it includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Local Search email marketing & PPC (Pay-Per-Click). The main motive of our online promotions is to help more relevant traffic reach you. Our online promotion strategies are highly tested & proven to generate quality leads & profits.

Online Promotion by Kinex Media Web Design Company
  • Custom Design & Development
  • Responsive Element
  • Digital Experience
  • Logo Design
  • Online Promotion

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