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Laravel - A Web Framework For Any Business Need

Laravel is a high-end environment based framework that allows the creation of flawless architectural patterns for the development of primary tasks of web applications. The commended model-view-controller (MVC) gives complete control to the developer and turns the engagement into a painless creative experience. Laravel covers the entire customary task, including authentication, routing, sessions, caching etc.


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Solsaic assists people with solar power after analyzing the former’s feasibility with the product. The details allow homes to have the best natural energy solution. Also, Solsaic gives an opportunity for solar technology creators to connect with their prospects to make the sale.
The process begins with answering some questionnaires, selecting a solar provider, making contract, reviewing design, install of solar products and a whole lot more. For every single detail to work well, a reliable website was required.
How kinex Media helped them:

1. Built a robust, custom made secure platform to estimate solar productivity of a building or house based on its location, directions and area.
2. A two way chat assistance for queries and support for customers and installers.
3. A secure and highly dynamic functional admin panel to manage and control user across various portals.
4. A platform to connect installers across Canada to connect to their prospective customers.
5. A role based access mechanism and separate portal for customers and installers connected.
6. Secured payments using reliable Stripe.

Cosmetics Alliance Committee Member Portal Features:

Cosmetics Alliance Committee Member Portal has helped the group to centralize all its basic needs like managing committee members, tracking on-going issues, document sharing and organizing meetings and events on basis of their various committees.

All members associated with Cosmetics Alliance have their separate member portal. They basically have the privilege to only read and view any kind of information related to committee they belong to.

Issue Tracker – All issues are created and maintained under various Committees of Cosmetics Alliance. Issues have features like create, update, delete and archived. Issues further have actions and steps that were taken to resolve it.

Members – Admin has provision to add members who are part of Cosmetic Alliance Group. Each registered member will have their separate member portal to view their issues, documents and meetings according to Committee they are part of.

Documents – This section allows admin to upload committee related documents that will be shared with associated committee members. Documents provide a unique feature that allows committee members to add comments and reviews.

Committee Meetings – This allows admin to notify related committee members about upcoming events and meetings.

Archived- This section contains list of all resolved issues and documents that are no longer in circulation among members and have been archived.

How Kinex Media helped them:

1.Build a centralized system to connect all members of Cosmetics Alliance Association.
2.Provided a web portal that can be accessed 24*7 from anywhere.
3.Provided role based access to its various members.
4.Automated notification system that sends out email notification to associated members whenever any event occurs in the system.
5.Provides editing, commenting and reviewing of documents on the way.

Invoicing and Billing Project:

Limo software is mainly developed for business purposes. All the functionality is handled on the administrator level. This software primarily has three objectives: Ride Booking, Invoice generation, and Reports generation. Following are some features:

Super Admin can create multiple companies. Each company has access to create their own rides, customers, invoice and reports.

Rides have various features like – Create, Edit View, Quick Filter, and Archive. After ride completion invoice can be generated.

Invoice Generation includes information about Ride details, Billing details, Terms and conditions. An invoice can be downloaded in PDF format. Admin can download the invoice and directly share an invoice with the corresponding customer.

Reports are an essential feature of this software. Super Admin or Company can generate reports and analyze the total profits from customers and their corresponding rides. This software allows us to generate various types of reports like – Customer Report, Ride Report, Driver Report, Affiliate Report, Revenue Report.

Super Admin or Admin can view total rides, total customers, and total revenue on calendar. This will allow them to quickly access or analyze the details.

Customer is notified about the ride booking, cancel, completion on their personal mails.

How Kinex Media helped them:

1.Examining all the functionalities and manipulated them on administration level.
2.Helped to build the project for security purposes
3.Easy tracking of billing and invoicing.
4.Provided access according to privileges given to each company.


Rydeus is a luxurious airport transportation company operating the Ontario regions by serving people with the best vehicles, smart drivers, quick booking systems and 24/7 availability.
People search for the most accessible and reliable medium to get from point A to point B or the other way round; they need a service where they need not take the extra step or move further their legs, especially when they have bags with them.

How Kinex Media helped them:

1. Built customer portal for easy ride and payment management.
2. Hassle free ride booking in just four steps capturing all the important details.
3. A dynamic and easy to use SEO module for site optimization.


Why Laravel Framework for Web App Development?

  • Authentication

    Our Laravel team makes authentication very easy to implement. Almost everything is out-of-the-box setup. Laravel also provides a simple way of organising authorisation logic and regulating resource access.

  • Integration With Mail

    Laravel provides a tidy and straightforward API. Letting an application start sending mail quickly via a local or cloud-based service. Mail service can be used to send email notifications to users after different events.

  • Integration With Tools

    It is essential not only to create an application but also to create a fast application which will result in revenue acceleration. Our Laravel team supports standard out-of-the-box cache back ends like Memcached & Redis & attain speed.

  • Technical Vulnerabilities

    One of the main advantages of choosing Laravel to build your web app is its ability to deliver high-class Security. Your web app is risk-free from any unwanted and secret SQL injections.

  • Flexibility

    Our Laravel developers leverage Laravel's robust configuration capabilities to tweak and change built-in prototype features and functionality and create a unique Ul and UX by incorporating state-of-the-art services.

  • Automation

    Testing automation is less time-consuming & more reliable than manual testing. It ensures that the program can work without crashes, glitches, errors and in compliance with the initial application specifications.

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Kinex put to practice the unique insights we have gained in our years of experience in the industry. With us, you can harness the power of well architected framework and extensive knowledge spans across implementing, integrating and customization for Laravel applications across the board. We work closely with our customers to create scalable web applications using the powerful software to elevate your business through web applications of high quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many PHP frameworks, why Laravel?

Laravel is a modern web framework built using proven industry standard best practices, and it is well tested and maintained by a large community of developers. Furthermore, solving technical challenges are easier due to Laravel’s extensive documentation; this provides a stable foundation to build modern web applications.

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