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Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Kingston, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

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Google Domination

Google Domination

Give the required exposure to your company by dominating Google’s rankings. Guest posts on high-level websites and on-site blog promotion to dominate the nation’s toughest searches effectively.


Regular Informs

We prepare and notify you with the correct rankings and updates on monthly reports. We also prepare our customers to change the decisions as per the changes in the industry.


Greater Engagement

We understand applying the approach of heavy self-promotion rather than two-way engagement is a flop. And thatswhy we create SEO Kingston based content that matters to your customer & resonates with them.


Comprehensive Solutions

Be face to face with all your customers using analytically designed search engine optimization. We collaborate with our clients & help them drive more traffic to their websites with our progressive SEO 360-degree packages.


Higher Leverage

In today’s advanced age, SEO’s sheer scope & size is extensively wide. One can use imagination to apply logic & attract a general audience, but all this involves ongoing efforts & resources that could produce more substantial income & we provide that.


Customized Resolutions

We are a multifaceted digital agency that takes pride in what they do. Our personalized solution for every need is known to make a statement and attract higher lead ratios and gain better business for the future.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Analyze the Latest Rankings. We are more than happy to accomplish your needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Kinex Media offers a full suite of search engine optimization services in Kingston. We will boost your website's visibility, traffic, and eventually revenue. We have been optimizing sites for years that stood firm on algorithm changes. Count our SEO services because of the great results we have delivered in Kingston.


01. Competition Analysis

We begin with a competitive analysis that allows us to see their current standing. Our research covers your competitor's website, backlinks, content, rankings, social media and marketing manners. The information will help us to take your website to the next level. While performing competitor analysis, we will analyze your business. All the information will be made available to you in the right format. The comparison will show what all needs to be done. The find is precious for organic marketing.

02. Scrutinize Technical Aspects

In website analysis, we will enter into the technical side of SEO. We will look for the missing things like image alt tags, content, on-page optimization, speed, and responsiveness that affect your ranking on Google. After we run our self-developed tool on your website and find everything that hinders your website from growing online, we will submit all the information to you in a report. The report will highlight the details with solutions. We give detailed wise findings so you can have a clear understanding to improve your online performance.

03. Keyword Research

The online success of a website depends upon keyword researches. If you know the targeted terms, you can show them on your website, matching the consumer's typed query. We use a multifaceted approach to find keywords. We use Google's keyword search along with the search bar to go deeper into the keywords. We check their relevance based on business, service or product. We see that they reach the targeted folks. In the end, the keywords must give the best ROI and that too in a short amount of period. They will help increase sales, leads, and subscribers.

04. Content Development

Every website has content. But its usefulness is judged by a user and search engine. Every page of a website needs content that conveys a meaning. We will rewrite word to word for your website if it is not giving value. Relevant content brings in more traffic. Our written material has produced three times more leads and increased conversion rates. High-quality content provides visitors to make a move. It is easy for us. Our advice is to don't lose sales because of irrelevant content. Just get it right from the best content writers we have in our staff. They will help you convert as many internet users to buyers.

05. Citations

Citations are the praiseworthy mention of your website. The importance is similar to link building. We will make it possible for your website to have relevant sources. We will work on the list where your website already has a connection. Your website mustn't have two similar citations. Search engines hate it, which will decrease your ranking. We believe that there are standards for such listings. So follow and implement it.