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With A Deep Desire To Create Something New And Inspiring, The Kinex Media Pickering Team Approaches Every Project And Drive Change.

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Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Pickering, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

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Omni-channel Solutions

The task of any business is to get chosen instead of a rival when the user is looking for products – services like yours. Through our full range of industry experience, we assist in ensuring this.


Transparent Results

We bring into your notice the monthly reports and notify them to you with the correct rankings and updates. Our vision is to keep everything up to date inclusive of changes at the macro, micro and international level as well.


White Hat Leads

White hat is the ideal strategy for long term growth, and we understand that. Our focus is on relevancy and organic ranking using SEO recommended techniques.


Fortified Online Presence

For adding brand equity, internet recognition is crucial. In crux, it implies your page power will shoot up and have more visibility for particular keyword searches.


Higher Performance And Scalability

Through keywords boosting, better backlinking and organic SEO strategies, we improve your returns. It can attract a fresh stream of requests or client base interested in purchasing your products or services.


Bespoke Services

We are very adjustable and flexible when it comes to our customers and their needs. We never try to impose our ideas, suggestions and actions on your brand and approach each brand with a fresh perspective.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Why Choose Us?

Kinex Media is a leading SEO firm helping businesses in Pickering have a robust organic position on the internet. We have made a mark for them. If you need the same, we will do it with the right content, links and a smart SEO strategy. Overall, your brand will make an impression on users and search engines.


01. Real Service Real Pricing

There are many things to be taken into consideration while pricing an SEO service. We structure it on the amount of time and dedication given to your website(s) each month. Our priorities are based on the milestones achieved. We will assure you that your website receives consistent work and does not fall due to cracks. There is a dedicated team to look after each project. The constant handling and the confidence you put in us will highlight in our pricing.

02. Enhance Your Website Content

The importance of website content is getting higher day by day. Also, the core update puts stress on content. With content, the user goals are accomplished. Your website must not have thin information. Else its value is gone. The purpose of a search engine is to find relevant websites serving a user's needs. With great content, your website will match the search phrases. Our content writers will provide your website with compelling content that drives traffic. Online users will visit again to read your marvellous material.

03. Double Your Website Speed

Search engines show a website that opens up pretty fast. And by fast, we mean in a fraction of a second. Even Google has said that their website opens in that time frame. We will reduce the load time of your website regardless of its hosting. The reason for slowness may be complex database queries, conflicting plugins, etc. A website with slow speed falls behind on SERPs. The factors need to be inspected and corrected. As SEO experts, we will do what it takes to improve your website's performance.

04. Build Authoritative Links

Another ranking factor in search ranking is links. The number of quality links pointing to your website from other brands must be relevant, popular, showing trust. The process of having quality links is challenging and time-consuming. But with our experience, we will make the right connection. As per your website, we will bring in links from news, education websites, professional review websites, etc. Only after proper research, we will begin. We will also monitor and remove the toxic links, if any, to improve your link status.

05. Remove Website Issues

Website issues negatively impact a website's ranking position. Issues like 301, 302, 307 redirects need to be sorted out. Also, are the unoptimized page titles, meta descriptions, duplicate content issues, mobile experiences. Our team will remove all the hindrances that trouble your website. They got the specialty to deal with redirects, canonical URLs, meta tag optimization, open graph meta tags, broken assets, mobile experiences. To have a free review of your website, reach out to us right now.