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Travel Website Design

We are a team of highly knowledgeable and professional experts that generate digital results that outshine the online travel experience. We scrutinize and analyze the interests of our audiences, statistics, behaviors, and trends to have a prediction and address them online.

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Travel Website Design or Redesign

Our objective on creating the travel websites is the simplification. We focus to develop the websites that are organized and uncluttered. Travel for some is an emotional topic and hence, we try to amalgamate interesting narratives, elegant images, and visual storytelling’s so that your website can have an emotional connection with the travelers.

We make sure that the content blocks contain images and effective text. A travel website is essential these days as it is an agent’s face to the world and brings out profits. Our key goal of building your travel website is to build your brand. We are a team of most dynamic and experienced professionals that convey expertise in the destination, activities, or special interests you sell through your website.

Featured Web Design Projects

We constantly increase the number of clients and bring your website into the limelight by creating interactive interfaces.

  • turkey

    We built a website for Turkish office of Culture & Tourism in Canada.

    • 350% Increase in Sales
    • 120% Overall Revenue Growth
    • 180% Increase in traffic
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  • nash

    We designed a website for A. Nash Travel travel agency located in Mississauga.

    • 300% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 80% Increase in Conversion
    • 360% Increase in Online Sales
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  • condello

    We designed a travel website for CONDELLO Travel INC.

    • 400% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 350% Increase in Total Revenue
    • 150% Increase in Web Traffic
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How to Design a Successful

Travel & Tourism Website Design

Visual Escapes

Visual Escapes

A smattering amount of cautiously well-designed imagery works better than crowded pages with small thumbnails and leaves an everlasting enjoyable experience for the visitors. These days travel websites are an effective source to advertise various destinations, resorts, and booking services. It is mandatory to highlight the locations you are advertising through high-quality imagery and interactive media. These visual representations can solve the confusion of the visitors who are looking for a relevant destination for weekend getaways.


Plausible Booking Options

Plausible Booking Options

It is essential to gain the trust of your visitors; hence the design of your website must depict trust and credibility to the online visitors. Inculcating customer reviews and services as well as the destinations provides them with an optimal online experience and seamless travel plans. We make sure that the experience of the user is smooth and gets a clear picture of the pricing and compiling all of their plans into one itinerary.


Streamlined Navigation

Streamlined Navigation

Navigating and researching through your travel website should be easy for visitors and your website must act as a clear interface that should present visitors with straightforward information in a rapid manner. The inclusion of extra design features such as favorite options, predictive search makes your audience feels organized and can help users plan their trip without any hassle.


Mobile Congruent

Mobile Congruent

Everyone is in haste these days and individuals make travel plans on the go and it is mandatory to have a fully functional and responsive design which caters the needs of the potential customers. Your website must be in accordance with the desktop and mobile devices. This allows your visitors to access the information easily which makes your website stand out in the crowd and stay in the competitive market.

  • Visual Escapes
  • Plausible Booking Options
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Mobile Congruent

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