3 Predictions For E-Commerce Website Design Trends 2015

Have you ever thought what is the reverence of a good website design?

A website designed on poor lines can cause irrelevant stress, annoyance, and of course wastes a lot of time. Poorly designed websites restrict the response and lead to low conversion rates and eventually results in minimum ROI.

With 2014 at the verge of end, it is time to bid adieu the old tactics and renounce new eCommerce design trends. With the help of experienced team of web designers at Kinex Media, we are here to predict the top design trends to lookout for in 2015.

With these eCommerce web design trends, you can make sure that the new as well as the returning customers remain engaged.

  1. Flat Design is the new Go

Big shots like Google, Microsoft and Apple have already spread the word regarding flat design. The idea is no new yet it has managed to garner maximum attention. There are high stake chances that this trend will be the ‘HERO’ for 2015 considering the ease of development, better understanding and easy to implement responsive design.

Flat Web Design

The best part is that the elements of flat design direct the user’s attention towards the content, hence dropping the bounce rate. The designers will get the freedom to focus more on the products rather than on background design. The core approach behind flat design is “less is more”, which will continue to grow in 2015.

  1. Micro UX Effects

There are some little features that you might assume are often ignored by the customer. But, in contrast, these features actually boost the user experience and manage to boost the click-through rates. Including micro UX effects and transitions in the website can reduce the friction existing between design and user experience.

UX Design

You can implement elements such as hover effects over navigation bar, color altering animation, outlining the website path while navigating the store or displaying a larger image when hovering over existing product image. With the elements such as larger image upon hovering will help you save a lot of space, amuse the visitors and will improve the product display.

  1. Opt for Tiled Navigation

Have you ever thought about the fact that images are far more interactive and appealing than text boxes? If not, then think upon it now! The concept of images being more interactive has given rise to the concept of Tiled navigation. The eCommerce portals have already started replacing the top navigation bar with a preview in the form of tiles. With tiles images, the chances for the user to get lost minimize greatly.

When you display tiles navigation, the visitors remain engaged and entertained and get the feel of walking through the actual store.

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