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Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process as Google, the leading player of the search engine world, keeps on updating its search algorithms. 

It is important to stay updated with all the significant changes incorporated by Google in its algorithms and be aware of its preferences. If your web design is developed according to the guidelines set by Google, it will become a lot easier for your website to secure good rankings in its search result pages.

Tips To Create a Healthy & Result-Oriented SEO Strategy

SEO StrategyHere, Kinex Media, which is a leading service provider of web design and SEO solutions, shares some of the expert tips and guidelines to design an effective search engine optimization strategy for your website. Let us take a look:


  • If your website foundation happens to be technically strong, it will be simpler for you to optimize it further for search engines and users. So, go ahead and create a professional and nice-looking web design and complement it with original, relevant and authentic content.
  • The content featured on your website needs to be highly competent and informational so that your visitors get the exact and precise information, they are looking for. Develop the content using the right amount of best keyword for your website and present it in a simple and easy to access manner on your website.
  • Design a cohesive SEO strategy based on the solid content-based model. Make use of different types of content-based optimization techniques to get the optimum benefits. For example, along with on-page and off-page search engine optimization methods, I also explore content marketing and social media marketing techniques.
  • Make sure your website features only the best quality content. If your visitor finds your content highly reliable, he will keep coming back for more, resulting in increased traffic and better search engine rankings. Also, great quality content helps your website in establishing itself as an authority website and securing good rankings with major search engines, including Google.
  • Update the content featured on your website frequently as search engines grant top positions to those resources that post original as well as the latest content.
  • Always get quality links from those sites only that are authoritative sites. Another important point to remember about link building is that getting links from the sites relevant to your site’s nature helps you improve your rankings more than other sites.
  • Try to remain active on different social media and post informational content on different social networking sites. Posting relevant content that covers the latest happenings related to your business helps you connect to your audiences. You can ask your clients to share their feedback and comments. Positive reviews about your company/ website can help you create a niche for yourself in the online world.


  • Plan for being captured as featured Snippet to take the slice of the pie from your competitors. This position 0 is in itself a signal of being a quality and authority website and boost sales to a new high. 54.68% of clicks from Google originate from Featured Snippets—proving that they drive over half of search engine clicks.
  • Influencers marketing to be merged with SEO as Individuals feel swamped by annoying advertisements and seek information that they can confide, and that is authentic reviews. This has led to an increase in marketing for influencers. People have a much greater chance of interacting with a trusted and well-known person than they do with an ad. More than 39% rise is seen in investment for the influencer market According to Linqua
  • Voice Search SEO is the new hype. Until revolutionary mobile phones existed, people explored their desktop computers by inputting words into the search engine boxes. From this activity, keywords were generated. Through mobile device usage increases, voice searches are becoming a common phenomenon among internet users. Not only do these searches on phones, but they can also be conducted on home voice assistants. It is expected that voice search has taken 50% of the searches already. 
  • A mobile-friendly platform is a must. It’s not even a thing that has to be reminded because it’s already the new reality. If you keep user interface and user experience as the priority, then this is the first thing to cut from the list. Statistics indicate that 4 in 5 users use mobile devices to perform local searches on the search engines. As you can see below, mobile searches are 88 percent, while device and tablet searches combined reflect 84 percent.

Following these tips can offer you a great deal of help in yielding the best results from your SEO efforts, and ensuring your website performing is well in all aspects. Contact Kinex Media to design an effective, result-oriented SEO solution for your website at the most affordable rates.

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