Backlinks in 2020 – Best Strategies for Quality Backlinks


A backlink (inbound or incoming link) is a link to your website showing on somebody else’s site. How it is showing, either you know it or the individual who inserted there.

Types of Backlinks.

  • Dofollow
  • Nofollow

Types of Backlinks

A Nofollow tag is an HTML attribute that is used for informing search engines that the hyperlink should be ignored as it does not pass any value to rank or visibility.

A Dofollow tag instructs bots to follow the link specifically. They pass on link juice and get a high page rank on your website.

Clearing the link difference, we can get back to the topic.

Quality backlinks are not just about serving a link. Instead, it is the answer to people’s problems. A link is enough to help a whole community.

People buy links, and most top domains offer this service. Everybody wants high domain backlinks because search engines consider the power of incoming links to rank up a website. The buying and selling of incoming links happen still. But, our opinion is better to have fewer quality links than to have an infinite number of spam links.

Here is a list of how to get quality SEO inbound links & will be helpful in 2020. Our catalogue is not like any other list; instead, you can see that with a little extra effort, you can achieve all things impossible.

Organize Contest

If your brand is renowned, then no doubt, people will participate. Having a special prize will even bring in more people who in turn will share your message.

Organize Event

Organize an event with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Have an event page on your website. Give details about it. After the game is over, do a 301 redirect of the event page to a preferred landing page.

Local Listings

Every city, town, or place has a good number of local directories that can list your business — no need for any further explanations.


If your brand is renowned, then no doubt, people will participate. So, why not take your great content which is in space, therefore, the term skyscraper content.

Originally pioneered by Backlinko, this concept is indeed a great way to engage with valuable ideas on content that will earn links to your site.

In reality, this improved dramatically the backlink profile of the page after implementing this process on an already-popular post about Google’s ranking factors.

So your already popularised content can even bring in more people who in turn will share your message.

Give Speech at Event

Speaking at local or community events can give you a way to highlight your web page. If people like your speech, then they sure will share or link your page.

Sponsor Event

Sponsoring an event can give fame to your name. If you do the job, wholeheartedly, then sure, you will get the publicity you require.

Write testimonials for other websites

Writing testimonials or reviews for other goods or services may sound absurd within your industry. But doing so may, in fact, be a good idea for your SEO strategy and backlinking. When you do so, a location for a backlink is also included on the website.

And besides, you don’t want to improve their potential to steal clients or consumers.

Sponsor Event

By making connections offline you can create high-quality backlinks. Host an event or have a meeting or conference sponsored. You can receive links from event listing sites when you host the event, and usually, you get a link on the event page when hosting a meeting or conference. Plus, you’ll get an extra visibility bonus for your company.

Start Blogging

One can attract links by writing for their own business and brand. If you provide reliable information, then people will care. It does not mean to write controversies, and it does not take time for small details to turn big.

Make Landing Pages Great Again

If the website has two landing pages, having standard information, then combining them can give more power to a website. Make sure to redirect it after merging both the pages.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

There are several digital journalists who are looking for answers to their questions and content. If your business is in line with their needs then you touch the eye of the lion.

Hit the right spot and do multiple PR for your brand in no time. It’s a great way of exposure that can help you capitalize on your opportunities.

When giving them information does not forget to mention your website and enjoy it.

Do Interview with Industry Experts

It is not easy to interview experts. The status of both parties can lead to a decline in an interview. If you are unable to get an interview, then do take the assistance of the individual who can show you the way. Putting their conversation on your web page can bring people from around the world.


Webinar helps in giving free knowledge and training in a respective field. If your webinar is informational, then it can drive more traffic and shareable links.

Create Animations

Animations are the hottest trends. People prefer visuals over text, and if your animation suits their taste, then you know what will happen.

Create Videos

Just like animations, you need to have videos that can be funny and informational. A single video can make a difference, but you need to make it outstanding for a large number of people to appreciate.

Social Signals Alignment

If you are serious about building up your backlinking strategy and climbed the ranks, aligning social signals is a must then.

To search engines, social signals convey how aggressive and updated your website is.

Because the more your web site is involved, the better your rankings.

Ask, and You Shall Receive

You must have heard that until you ask you may not get what you want. The same goes for asking for inbound links. Ask for links online and offline. Form relations with them. It will take time, but the results will show. See what your topic needs backlinks. Create a massive list of sources form where you will get an incoming Links. Then go and knock on their doors and ask them nicely. Many bloggers can be of your service.

Write Content for Audience, not for Backlink

If you have written content and want to get more shares, then write in a manner that is acceptable by the audience’s audience. For example, if you have written content and submit it to a journalist, then the material must be written to attract the journalist audience. If the journalist is happy, then so is his or her audience.

See Backlinks Coming from Which Site

If you do research and see what all domains link to your website, then you may know that you can build a relation with them to further your motive.

The list mentioned above is a task to follow to get better results. If you want things to happen, then start following them now.

But be aware of Spam Links.

A spamming backlink is the one that is unrelated to the purpose. Means, the link present on the third party website is not useful.

A non-spamming backlink is an exact opposite of spamming one that shows why it got used, and how it is helping the visitors of the third party website.


Do backlinks still work 2020?

Backlinks are still relevant to SEO even in 2020; it affects rankings and organic searches to the most extent though how much value is given to them completely depends on Search engines and their algorithms.

What are inbound links?

An inbound link is when a website adds a link pointing towards another website on its website. Sometimes an inbound connection is referred to as an external link or backlink, too.

What is a spamming backlink?

A spamming backlink is the one that is unrelated and has a trashy anchor text. Means, the link present on the third-party website is not of any use.

What are high-quality backlinks?

When other high-quality websites connect to a website, it sends positive signals to search engine crawlers, telling them that the linked website is important, useful, and the searchers for results would be happy to find.

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