SEO process and criterion change every couple of months because of the addition of new and improved content on new websites. In 2019, Quicksprout updated the condition of SEO over the past couple of years influenced by Google’s ever-changing improvement algorithms by publishing a brilliant infographic-

Old SEO and New SEOIt is evident that the new SEO keeps in consideration the requirements of the users, and Google has made it very clear that the top-ranking websites will be the ones that will have the needed information in the most original form. Although it is indirect, the influence of social media on SEO rankings is unmistakable.

Hootsuite conducted a study in 2018, examining the SEO results of articles that had social media publicity buttons and those without. The findings showed an increase of approximately 22% boost for items that were shared on social media during the study.

Hootsuite Stats

So, prep up and seek how social media can boost up your SEO ranking.

1. Create Your Profile

Profiles are the first thing to pop up when you search for particular names on a search engine. Even though they might not affect your website’s position on SERP, they still leverage a lot of content and help you get the boost you need.

Social media profiles have a more informal feel than websites. Your business’ identity can be well established in the customer’s mind before they visit your official webpage. It can add a personal flair to your brand and bring goodwill.

Create Profile

2. Keep Your Social Media Up-To-Date

The social media channels are working notoriously on their algorithms that are helping SEO to rank the website higher in search engines. When your post gets the right amount of social sharing, then it increases its reach and drives people’s interest to read the article by following the link. Keep it as a priority to update your business account on all social platforms to appear active in your customer engagement and feedback.

social media

3. Make Sharing Easily Accessible

To increase and encourage social sharing, run contests that earn the follower’s attention and they find it reasonable to share their thoughts or even share on their profile by tagging their friends. Many people even tag their friends in post’s comment section to bring the content to their attention. It’s not easy to earn those, but when they do it, you know all those who are tagged have an interest in the topic. This way, you have at least tracked your audience and by doing those kinds of activities, you are simply building your brand’s visibility and image among the masses.


social-media- sharing

4. Use The Right Keywords

People tend to follow hashtags and keywords a lot while searching for things on social media. Try to be precise in your keyword placement and choose the ones that are directly related to your content. It helps to solidify your titles so that Google algorithms easily pick them up and return as the fastest and best available searches on SERP. Once you start bringing people on your page, then the page visits increase, and so does your post reach.

To pique the reader’s interest, pictures and videos are heavily used by marketing peers and big media outlets. Many studies indicate a better engagement rate when used any of those in your social media post view to entice users to click the link and visiting the website.

Even if you are not posting the website link on your social media account, like on FB business page, then uploading an entertaining video can do wonders for your business. Many companies are switching to Facebook videos because it drives better social metrics.

Instagram became a huge hit because of its photo-sharing feature and how the creators kept it strictly to photo and video sharing app only. A lot of youngsters are abandoning FB or other media account to spending more time on Instagram because the picture and videos often captivate our interest, and we intrigue with that type of content.

Use KeywordsInfographics have happened to be a tremendous pictorial content tool to play with the data. However, to effectively make a catching infographics, one needs to wear the hat of data mining experts to find the most useful industry insights and present them interestingly. On the other hand, GIFs are heavily used by nearly every industry, as the moving picture consumes less internet data and is genuinely intriguing and engaging.

5. Number of Followers

Having a huge number of followers on social media accounts signifies important social metrics. According to the industry’s best practices, it’s always a better idea to increase your follower count organically, rather than to buy because they are likely dead accounts that won’t add much relevance to your overall marketing campaign. Imagine you set up an FB business for bakery, and you come across some free tools that bring you the likes. Now you think having too many likes on the page looks good. However, most of those likes are of people with celiac that remain away from bakery products primarily of gluten. How will those likes add relevance to your business, when they won’t be experiencing any of your products? Yes, to some extent, they can tell about your bakery in their social circle, but for your business, those likes are nearly dead likes.

No of FollowersAs time advances to a more social media-based SERP approach, plenty of new trends and techniques will come to light, helping your business in making a profit out of your online presence and uniqueness. Keep following the fashions of social technology, and you will remain at the top of your game.


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