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Kinex Media is a paramount digital agency specializing in social media advertising services and helps your business to reach heights. Our services can help you achieve your desired business goals and objectives. Whether you want to improve your existing social media or want to start a new social media ad campaign, we’re here to help.

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First-class Paid Social Media Advertising Services.

Social media advertising has become an essential aspect of one’s business branding. As the algorithms keep evolving, every business has diversified techniques to target their audience at the right time. Each social media platform hits different with its approach to the targeted customers. In addition, every business can benefit from social media advertising as it helps in engaging, informing and converting their target audience.Your business and online presence will get a relaxed service with dedicated results. Find out how Kinex Media can make it possible; contact us now to have a one-on-one conversation with our experts.Feel free to reach us at – 647-496-6061

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Digital Marketing Specialist about our marketing services, feel free to give us a call at:

Blayne Lastman

Client Testimonials

The Kinex team goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met, and they are always willing to spend the extra time to make sure that we understand everything and that we are making the right decisions.
Blayne Lastman
- Dr Kimberly

Client Testimonials

"I thoroughly consider the site turned extraordinary and Kinex Media performed extremely well. The criticism has been awesome ... It's precisely what I was searching for. Pretty much everybody who's seen it, adores it.."
- Dr Kimberly
- Javier

Client Testimonials

We started working with Kinex about one year ago for our corporate website. From design services to their client relations they have been fantastic throughout, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional web design services!
- Javier

Our Social Media Services for Different Platforms

Facebook Advertising

Stretch to a global audience of over one billion people on the largest social media platform with our Facebook advertising services. You'll be able to have a great reach with satisfactory results.

Instagram Advertising

Reach more and more customers by building brand awareness and engaging more audiences with competitive ad campaigns on Instagram. This encourages more exposure and better outcomes.

Twitter Advertising

With Twitter's social media advertising services, you can quickly connect with current and new clients. Become the company that people would like to follow and believe.

Linkedin Advertising

Generate crucial leads with one of the most effective social media platforms by crafting customized and intriguing ads for your audience. Make them believe you are worth it!

YouTube Advertising

With social media advertising on YouTube, you can access more than one-third of the internet audience. Generate audio-visual ads to generate more leads and fetch higher revenue.

Pinterest Advertising

On this leading platform, you can attract more audiences by managing social media campaign for Pinterest. This creates cognizance and sales for your business.

Ecommerce Advertising

This is another effective social media advertising service; you can drive the audience to your eCommerce stores like Shopify and Magneto and boost your business sales.

Enterprise Social Media Advertising

Social media ads are effective for boosting enterprise sales (for monthly ad expenditures over $10,000).

D2C Advertising

Appeal, engage and sell to a large audience through customized direct-to-consumer advertising.

Social Media Advertising Services for Every Platform

We believe in transparency; therefore, we have no plights in posting or social media advertising services’ rates. We offer pocket-friendly services for your business to evolve, and the best part is we’re able to meet the needs of different businesses with versatile objectives. Our social ad spending budget varies from plan to plan, making it convenient for all the business owners, be it small or large, to advertise on social media.

One-stop Solution For Your Social Media Ad Campaign.

Kinex Media won’t let doubts surround you, Don’t worry!
Rest assured, when it comes to delivering professional service, we’re nowhere less; our social media experts and graphic designers handle your projects with utmost diligence.

Being a part of our social media advertising service, your business receives the following advantages:

  • You get a dedicated account representative for your social media ad campaign.
  • Dedicated individuals for your campaign respond within 48 business hours.
  • Your ad accounts on social media will be established quickly.
  • You receive a different and customized ad strategy for the platforms you choose.
  • Unique ads and ad campaigns for remarketing strategy,
  • Unique ads and ad campaigns for remarketing strategy,
  • Consultation with your committed account manager and campaign reporting on a monthly or weekly basis

If you have never advertised on social media for your business, our social media advertising strategies also include network tracking pixels set up, such as Facebook pixel. As a result, you will be able to re-target the wandering customers with your ad campaign.


Who is The Target Audience for Social Media Advertising?

30% of people spend their time on social media, and it is the best way to provide them with your service ad on the most utilized platform. Social media advertising is befitting and beneficial for all selling types, whether you deal, business to customer, business to business or eCommerce.

Advertising on social media is a wise decision because you can target people directly on the platforms they use.

Kinex Media will be more than happy to customize and create your ad campaign reflecting your business model.

Social media advertising is dynamic! It can sway your goals for conversions, brand awareness, increased engagement with your target audience.

The social media strategies we design include relevant content and current marketing trends that focus on distinctive aspects to highlight your business.

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business?

Numerous social media platforms encourage paid advertising techniques, but it is critical to analyze and select the suitable one to reach out to a pertinent target audience.

When planning for a social media ad campaign, you should consider some masters in the play, which are:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube

Our strategists, as well as social media specialists, can help your business choose the best platforms for your social media ad management services. Helping your company focus on the most useful networks for your company can result in a bigger return and better results.

Here’s a beneficial guide of the below mentioned social media advertising platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most prominent platform today, and it will continue to be! As per stats from 2021, Facebook has 2.85billion monthly active users worldwide.

It is regarded as a dominant player in terms of advertising trends. Facebook advertising is suitable for almost all businesses, and it is an excellent platform to begin your social media ad campaign. It allows your business to reach your target audience, increase engagement, awareness, traffic, conversions and store visits.

Currently, Facebook lets you post ads in the form of photos, videos, carousel, slide show and Facebook instant experiences.

  • Slide show enables the user to create a video advert using static images.
  • With the carousel feature, the user can display up to 10 pictures, videos, or links in a single advertisement, allowing the advertiser to direct more leads to different places on their website with a single ad.
  • Advertisers may utilize Instant Experiences to build engaging ads using photos, videos, text, carousels, product feeds, etc. All on one streamlined page. Because this page is housed within Facebook, the user may expect a quick and satisfying experience. Depending on the ad campaign’s objective and the content available, each tool offers different advantages.

Facebook allows the advertisers to target a specific audience on the basis of location, interests and behaviours. Also, Facebook can target people on the basis of their shopping habits, travel plans, and other factors.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is a venture of Facebook itself, so their advertising tactics are similar. Instagram ads were launched in the year 2015, and since then, they’ve been popular. Instagram ads saw tremendous growth; for a fact, the ad reach on Instagram increased by 21% in 2021.

Creative visuals are a key to growth, and they are an essential part of Instagram advertising. Undoubtedly, your brand might be the best with the best customer service, but if you have bland visuals, then your ad campaign is at risk.

Instagram allows the advertisers to set an ad campaign based on its objectives like website clicks, app downloads, engagement, views, awareness and conversions.

Instagram has its own analytical platform as well.

Twitter Advertising

Can you imagine the power of 397 million people using Twitter?
It’s incredible; Twitter offers several forms of paid ads to reach the audience. You can make a selection as per your objectives for increasing traffic, awareness, engagement, follows, installs, re-engagements and more.

Same as Facebook, Twitter also allows you to target an audience based on gender, preferred language, devices, platforms and so on.

Twitter differs from most social networking sites in two ways. It allows you to target individuals based on recent Pinterest searches using keywords. Also, Twitter will enable you to target similar audiences as per your user following.

For instance, if you want to reach people that follow your competitors on Twitter, you may include their Twitter accounts in your target audience. It’s vital to note that you’re not attempting to reach out to these accounts’ specific followers. You’re looking for users who are similar to those that follow you.

Pinterest Advertising

As per the stats from the fourth quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 431 million monthly active users. Pinterest offers ad campaigns based on the objectives like awareness, app downloads, engagement, traffic etc.

It also offers you a few other targeting options by using keywords and interests. Pins on the home screen appear based on previous searches of the user. Advertisers are given numerous options to choose from the different categories they want to advertise for.

When people search with a particular keyword, pins appear in the search results.

Demographic targeting is limited on Pinterest from all other platforms, but it offers a great option of custom engagement and email targeting.

LinkedIn Advertising

There are three different categories depending on the goals of the ad campaign

  • Sponsored content – These appear in the LinkedIn feed.
  • Sponsored InMail – The feature sends a message to the user’s inbox.
  • Text Ads – These are delivered in the location around the feed.

LinkedIn also allows the advertisers to reach users as per age and location, but it’s a better option for the company, business or industry-specific targeting.

For example, a company is posting regarding recruitment. LinkedIn will allow them to reach the local area audience and help your company market themselves to connect with potential or commercial accounts.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second-most popular social network; according to stats of 2021, it has 2.3 billion users worldwide. Maximum people reach YouTube for searching for things after Google.

Social media advertising agencies highly recommend short video advertisements (6-15 seconds); these advertisements appear before the intended ads. Also, now there is an ongoing trend of YouTube shorts. Companies with longer advertisements can also post their ads that will appear in the search results and are known as TruView discover ads.

If your company is advertising either way on YouTube, you will be able to target people based on location demographics, keyword search and their interests.

Snapchat Advertising

As per the fourth quarter of 2021, Snapchat had 319 million daily active users worldwide. If you plan to target people under the age of 34, Snapchat is an excellent platform to advertise on a budget.

Snapchat is Unique. It allows you to create adverts using Snap ads, Filters and lenses. The ads appear when your users scroll through their friends’ stories on Snapchat.

Filters are used as photo overlays which one can choose by swiping or selecting one particular filter. These are often used for specific events and locations.

Lenses are designed with a concept to advertise through an overlay that affects the user’s photos and videos.


Should You Hire a Firm for Social Media Advertising?

Hiring an agency to handle your social media campaign can be a whole sum of expenses since you will be paying some other party to look after your business on social media.

Copywriting, visuals, videos, campaign content optimization, monitoring, and reporting are necessary components of effective social media advertising.

The evolving trends on social media need to be followed for better results.

Hiring a social media advertising company can prove to be a beneficial decision because they stay on top of the trend and have unique ways to advertise and bring your business up. They know all the tips, tricks, and strategies to defeat the competition and achieve faster results.

You should always consider your budget and objectives before making a deal with an agency.

An agency is the best option if you’re looking for someone who can step in and help your company establish a superb social media advertising strategy immediately. Their expertise and understanding will deliver the results you actually want. You won’t have to be worried about handling it on your own besides looking after business.

It’s imperative for an advertising agency offering social media management services to have different pricing plans to meet customers’ needs and budgets. Here, at Kinex Media, we offer a variety of options with guaranteed results. Our social media strategists also help you find an ideal plan befitting your pockets.

If you’re looking for a social media advertising firm, make sure to ask if they’ll provide comprehensive reporting and communication on the results. Kinex Media will give thorough social media advertising statistics and performance updates to help you assess the success of your ad campaign.

You’ll always know what’s up with your campaign; our representatives will keep you informed on a weekly and monthly basis.

We at Kinex Media believe in sharing every single detail related to the analytical performance of your social media ad campaign, like how many people saw your ad and how did they respond to it!

Here Are Some Quick Answers To Our Frequently Asked Questions!

What Is A Social Media Advertising Service?
Services that promote your business on all the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube etc. to bring more engagement and followers, increase no. of sales and leads.

Why Should I Spend On Social Media Advertising?
Social media is the most substantial platform to advertise today because people spend most of their time online on different platforms. Traditional methods of advertising a left way back, and they have lost their prominence in this digital world zone.

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