Marketing Tips to Learn from the Master of Sorcery – Marvel’s Doctor Strange


Marvel Comics and Entertainment knows how to swoon its fan following by creating out of the box content. They know how to promote their big superhero films that hold potential in their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Even the underdogs like Guardians’ of the Galaxy – Vol. 1 topped the box office. That’s something you can success recipe.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is counted among obscure superheroes of the company that isn’t a household name and doesn’t have a humongous fan following. Unlike other Marvel products like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Strange’s wave was created by Marvel’s fascinating marketing strategy and how the company used the characters and the film to release the trailer and how it used the film as the promotional tool to create a buzz.

Film pundits’ gave the film thumbs up for enthralling them with an unforgettable experience. As usual, there’s a lot to learn from the film as for how Marvel introduced the film to the comic fanatics and how it attracted non-comic readers to have empathy for Doctor Strange and promised to have an elevated experience during the film run.


Many film critics and film fanatics who have seen the film in early screenings are betting the long time effect of the film on the audience’s mind even after leaving the cinema hall. Some are comparing the effects that are at the par of The Matrix and Inception.

The heavy use of trippy images in the film has set film off the mark and is going to touch the subtle minds that will create a hologram of how the mystic reality would like.


Even if you think your idea is too obscure and people won’t understand it, you need to add a creative element and differentiate from the rest. When you touch the people’s subtle mind and allow them to know more about you, then things do works. Start with the scintillating design. It‘s always great to create a custom web design that resonates with your idea.

Every step of yours should be crystal clear so the audience can have a clear cut idea of what you are doing or conveying. Since your idea is wee-bit different than the rest or completely obscure, it’s helpful not to mess with the design and make it too complex to grasp. If you design the complexity with simplicity, the victory is yours. Moreover, it will help you in SEO too.

  1. STORY

The story is everything in the content. Every great film has a great story. Without a story, your content falls flat. Doc Strange’s film offers a world of mysticism that has never been explored with full potential by filmmakers until Marvel decided to introduce his sorcery master, doing magic on the big screen and jaw-dropping people with the new perception of consciousness with stunning VFX.


It’s the story that weighs your content with richness. If the content you are creating isn’t good, then you are going to have a hard time connecting with the audience. Forget about bridging the gap between your company and the new ones, the one who is acquainted with your idea, will bounce to other places.


The films such as Doctor Strange is great because they don’t believe in showing nonsense things, but rather digging deep into the subject logically for filmgoers. Since the film takes the elements of eastern philosophy when Doctor Stephen Strange, a highly successful neurosurgeon with an over-inflated ego, leaves to Kathmandu in search of a secret remedy that can restore the working of his hands. There he learns about the Multiverse and chakras – in a logical manner. There was no magic wand for him to grab all the sorcery powers at one go. The Ancient One, who undertakes Dr. Strange in her guidance, shows him the path to learning the mystic arts step-by-step.

Moreover, the breath-taking creation of energy waves and Yantra visuals in the film weaved an atmosphere in the film hall that earned the sincere respect of the audience for retelling things in a grand cinematic way.


If you are using elements that have been told for centuries, better to present it in a creative way, try to use visuals to captivate the audience about the subject and tell complex matters in such a simpler way that it becomes instantly viral.


Doctor Strange Film not only attracted Marvel fanatics to the big screens but also intrigued non-Marvel fans to experience the thrilling mystical world, which offers satisfactory euphoria about the other-dimensional world that resides around. Well, at least the film says so.

Dr. Stephen Strange has a conflict, but unlike other Marvel heroes, he has an internal conflict. Yes, kinda like The Hulk. The story goes on, striking the hearts of individuals who are trying to past their inner demons. The story weaved in such a mystical way that it offers a sense of pleasure and way to find your true bliss from the over-obsessed materialistic life.


If you are using a story that is akin to your targeted audience or hardcore fans, then try using some creativity in a universal way that can also pull in more people that come in your niche category but aren’t so rigid to one brand. They lurk on interesting stuff. If you give them and your hardcore fans a perfect amalgam of your recipe, you are going to succeed in a bigger and broader way.


If you have seen the previous Marvel movies such as Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, then you have an idea of how the storyline works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The witty moments, the perfect comic timings to make audience giggle and tons of action sequences – that what makes a Marvel superhero film. Even though Doctor Strange was a wee bit different and a completely different approach to the Superhero world, Marvel didn’t forget to include its famous storey elements and the post-credit scenes to connect with the film with the other Marvel films for one grand conclusion in the future.


Even if you are creating a story from your vault by using creative elements to resonate with the larger audience, don’t forget to include what has made your famous or established in the market. Drop signs of your traditional storytelling or creative formulas here and there to let know whose brand it is without thinking too much. That’s how Marvel has done and will continue in doing so – and they are maestros for their superb approach.

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