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Our eCommerce PPC Agency specializes in handling search and shopping advertising for customers in the online retail (eCommerce) industry. As Your eCommerce digital marketing agency, we’ll use our extensive expertise in creating successful Paid Ad campaigns that increase traffic and sales for our customers.

We are aware of the current state of eCommerce, their specific marketing needs, the objectives of distinctive online stores selling different things, and the best ways to create effective PPC campaigns. Get in touch with us to learn more about how PPC advertisements may help your eCommerce business grow.

PPC eCommerce Paid Ads

eCommerce PPC Services For Unexpected Increase in Sales!

PPC Management eCommerce

Google Ads

The enormous reach of Google Ads can't be underrated. We aim to use specified keywords for your e-commerce business to direct qualified visitors to your website.

PPC Management eCommerce

Shopping Ads

Our PPC experts specialize in google shopping ads services. They constantly endeavor to increase sales by showing customers enticing and highly controlled visuals of your items.

PPC Management eCommerce

Retargeting Ads

We use tested & proven strategies to bring the customers back (who have visited your website). We usually strategize to show ads on all those sites the targeted audience visits.

PPC Management eCommerce

Display Ads

Google Display Advertising engages potential buyers with graphics, videos, and other interactive components. Our PPC team tries to meet all the standards for an effective display ad.

PPC Management eCommerce

YouTube Ads

For running tactical remarketing campaigns, we also count on YouTube which is the second-largest search engine that offers excellent potential for developing video adverts and generating sales.

PPC Management eCommerce

Bing Ads

Bing Ads has sponsored promotions that direct visitors to websites using Bing. We develop strategies to maximize the number of potential customers through these ads.

Shopping Ads Managed

Our Approach: Google Shopping Ads Service

Management of Pay Per Click campaigns seems simple enough. You think you're running a campaign if you have Products, keywords & bids. It's more of research work which an experienced PPC expert can do. Keyword research, Landing page research, Product research, Audience research, Competition research, Ad copy research, and Price-point research. Apart from that, ad scheduling & suitable strategies for manual and smart bidding methods are worked on.

Kinex's PPC executives believe that "Regular result tracking & optimizations is the key to successful campaigns". By making this principle our guiding force, we can deliver the highest possible ROI.

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Assign your project to an experienced PPC Manager

Your project will be assigned a PPC manager and an internal account manager. They will walk you through our onboarding process to ensure we are fulfilling all of your company's needs.

This stage reviews the expectations and whether they are compatible enough to be met. We set the goals & objectives for your business.

PPC Assi
PPC Marchent

Google Merchant Account & Keywords

Any effective Google Ads campaign needs keyword research, but eCommerce ads require much more as they target customers who are actively searching to make a purchase.

To choose the ideal keywords for your advertising campaign, we analyze thousands of keywords and evaluate search volume, market saturation, and associated expenses.

We then provide you with a report on our findings and ask for your approval. Our primary objective for you is to completely comprehend the advantages of selecting different keywords that you might not have considered.

Ad Creation & Management

Do you have trouble reaching online buyers who are interested in your products? While setting up Shopping Ads may appear simple, if you don't have the correct plan in place, they may be challenging to master. Ads and efficient PPC management is part of that plan.

As every eCommerce store is aware, Google Search and Shopping Ads are effective strategies for increasing traffic and sales. Nevertheless, obtaining click-throughs and conversion rates might be difficult.The typical conversion rate for ad clicks is a pitiful 1%.

But we can help with our Google Ads administrators. Our specialists can assist your organization raise conversion rates just as they have for many others. Our constant objective is to make our eCommerce clients' businesses more profitable.

PPC Add Creation
PPC Monitoring

Monitoring, Analyzing & Reporting

You will have access to your live, personalized dashboard, which will track your advertising expenditures.

We will provide thorough reporting on your campaign on a bimonthly, monthly, and quarterly basis. You will get personalized reports based on the KPIs we determined throughout the onboarding process for new clients.

To ensure that we are always trying to expand your business, we'll also discuss any changes to the Account, your company, and any new offers or goods you are selling.

PPC Management

Choose Kinex Media as your eCommerce Marketing Agency

We approach our client's PPC projects with result-oriented tactics. This attitude has helped us to win and work for Canada's Leading Projects - Lastman's Bad Boy, Becker Shoes, Hyperice, BHemmings & many more.

We have been honored many times by the reputed award communities for our promising & result-delivering services. It is a matter of pride to put forth that - ‘Clutch’ highlights us every year for best eCommerce services.

When we take up any project, our main aim is to scale up their business with continual growth. For that, we always frame customized strategies to meet the client-specific goals. The results we have gained with PPC Campaigns for our eCommerce clients are record-breaking. We not only run ads for conversions but also intend to contribute to brand visibility through PPC ads.

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